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Big Whitetail Problems

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Default Big Whitetail Problems

Hey guys hows it going?
I hunt the Eastern Shore of MD on a private piece of land about 100 acres. its about a 50 acre field with a small outcrop of woods on one side (about 2-4 acres) and another 50 acres on the opposite side. There is a small creek that runs through this 50 acres of woods. It is really thick on the outside (Briars, saplings, nasty stuff) and gets really open in the middle around the creek (large oaks). I have been putting out corn in the field for 2 months now and its always gone in a few days. I have yet to see a deer feeding when i am hunting (have tried all times of day). I moved a stand to the woods and shot a small doe and a nice little 4 point. I have seen a couple 8 point+ running around these woods but can never find them other than when i jump them up from the thickets and cant get a shot. I do not try to follow them in fear of pushing them off the property. My question is what should I do to see these deer more often with an oppurtunity to shoot. I am going out Thursday night, all day friday, all day saturday and all day sunday too. probably monday as well (life of a college student is nice). I am thinking of setting up on a railroad bridge where its fairly open in front of me and i can see the thickets on both sides of the woods. You guys have any tips or tricks for me to bag my first big buck? Thanks for the advice guys!
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I'd try to find a pinch point or funnel where the deer walk between food sources and bedding areas. I'd also play the wind and hunt only when it's in your favor. Approach your stand from down wind and cover your scent. Get to the stand before safe light and be patient.
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This is just my two cents. If the acorns are plentiful and there is cover nearby, that is where the deer are. I would try hunting in the Oak to see what is moving in there. As wetley said before me finding the funnel where the deer walk between their bedding area (thicket where you jump them) and their food source is the best bet. Deer will not walk in the open during the day unless they have to and if there is no other food source.

I also live on the Eastern Shore, where do you live and where are you hunting? Good luck!
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I'd try to find a pinch point or funnel where the deer walk between food sources and bedding areas.

Two of our properties have big thickets that are deer sancutaries: When the guns crack on adacent properties the deer head to those thickets. We don't go into those thickets. i do use a brush hog to cut 5' wide trails leading from the thickets to the food sources and to ponds. The deer like those trails and use them extensively. We have ambushed numerous deer from stands on those trails.
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6You have to locate the deers' bedding grounds. From the field, locate which trails they use and like the sneaky ba$tards we all are, you must sneak in and find the bedding sites.

Once located, take note of prevailing wind direction. Usually, deer will overwatch their back trail whilst winding from a cross or reverse angle. they are instinctive creatures and will use their senses to the fullest.

Do Not overlook wind and sight distance directions.

Pick an entry or escape route, put up a tree stand and be ready and observant.
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I live in Denton and hunt Greensboro MD, how about you, thanks for the help too guys!
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