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what all will a deer blow at?

Old 11-14-2012, 01:23 PM
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Default what all will a deer blow at?

People obviously and maybe a coyote or other predator. Every time I hear a deer blow off in the distance I think it must be someone sneaking in and hunting, so I was wondering what else they might blow at. Thanks
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Old 11-14-2012, 01:47 PM
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Anything that they might think is a threat they will blow at, it is a warning call to other deer.
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I dont think anyone will ever know what spooks a deer. I have driven my 4-wheeler right up to stands and had deer walk out not 5 mins later. Hell my farmer sees more deer than I do when driving around his loud ass combine. But if I sneeze I scare everything away for 10 miles. I have friends that smoke in the stand and have shot bigger bucks than me while I sit there and dont move an inch or make a noise and never see a thing. I just think some people just have better hunting Karma. I must have pissed someone off cause I havent fired my rifle at a deer in a month.
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Does will blow at bucks chasing them. Heard this for the toast 5 days in the woods.

They basically blow at anything that missed them off.

They won't always blow at danger though just depends on how dangerous it is
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They blow at me too darned much! It is the classic sound that precedes a lot of "quiet time".
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When it happens. I get back and the ole lady asks me what I saw. I follow uo with nothing I was getting a blowjob. The first time I said that it didn't go as I had planned.
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TOO FUNNY!!!! Sometimes they dont even know what they are blowing at!!
They might just smell something they dont like.
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They'll blow at a falling leaf if it spooks them. They'll blow at squirrels, tree limbs that have fallen close to them, anything. Its a warning system for anything that they think is out of the ordinary, nothing special. A couple years ago I spooked a buck and had it snorting at me but instead of a snort, it sounded like a weak bark from a dog. It was the most peculiar thing to watch and listen to this deer that sounded like it was barking at me.
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In my experience, blowing only means they are alerted to something they perceive as a threat, but they are not sure of. It is a means to get all deer in the area on high alert. If they actually believe something to be a threat, you see the white tail.

I was hunting the edge of a clearing and the lead doe spotted me at about 20 yards. I was behind one of the those stupid umbrella blinds. She blew but she and the crew continued to munch away, all the while blowing and stamping at me. They didn't like what they saw, but they also weren't convinced I was a threat. Had the wind shifted, I am sure I would have seen white flags.

Unfortunately, it not being a doe day, I couldn't take any of them. And I feel pretty confident in saying that their blowing at me prevented a buck from following them out of the swamp into the clearing.
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I have seen them blow at me for sure! but at squirrels, limbs/twigs falling from trees, and last year had 3 bucks running one doe during the post rut and she constantly blew for literally 5 minutes solid until she was out of my hearing range. Also had a spike buck come in feeding on acorns one year. He would feed for a while, pick up his head and blow and stomp (facing opposite direction of me/wind in my favor) then would feed some more and repeat the blowing sequence, and then he bedded down about 100 yards from me and about 3-4 times an hour would just blow while he laid on the ground chewing his cud??? Of course when I got up to leave the stand and he saw me and he never blew once just bounced off and away stopping to look me several times???
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