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Does this work?

Old 11-04-2012, 02:28 PM
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Default Does this work?

My grandfather told me the best attractant for bucks during the rut is to pee around your stand. He told me to get ready because all the deer in the words would come runnin.has anyone ever heard of this, and does it work?
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Old 11-04-2012, 03:50 PM
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I don't get out of my stand and travel to pee. I just do it right off the stand. Not sure what it does but I've had a Hog come right up to the tree I was in and sniff around. I guess I'm that attractive I as you are waiting for more responses to this question. I'm curious too.
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No peeing or pooping while in the stand...never tried peeing around the stand...
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The less scent I leave the better chances of me not getting busted. I've heard some of my buddies making a mock scrape and then peeing in it but I've never tried it nor have they said it helped or hindered.
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I peed in a scrap once and this buck went buck wild on it then I shot it
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Not sure about peeing while in the stand, i do it, haven't had any success with it, But if i were you i'd just watch it so you dont hit your tree or stand, might look up at you and bust ya then.
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For years I have been told and I believed that a person was not to urinate at or around your hunting site. So, when me and two other buddies would hunt a site in southern Maryland we would do our business at one certain tree near where we parked our vehicles prior to going in. But, I started to notice deer hanging around the pee tree. Since those days I have quit worrying about where to pee as I now believe it doesn't mean that much to deer. However, Number 2? I ain't going there!
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It works. All that they smell is uric acid.
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Deer and deer hunting mag did a test and peed in the scrape. It didn't hurt at all. They can't tell the difference of pee .
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