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This is a must read because i need help!!!

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On second thought, you might want to relocate farther away. 65 yds is pretty close - plenty close for a wounded deer to wander onto. And this guy is not going to allow you to collect the deer, even if it drops 5 ft over his line. So then you must let the deer die and rot or trespass - and then he can have you prosecuted. In most states, you do not have the right to enter his property to collect a deer you hit. Not sure about MI.
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In michigan it is illegal to interfere in someones lawful pursuit of game.
I,d get it in writing and present it to him.and let him know i want to get along,but never mess with my hunting. For a half of beef i,ll shoot less deer.
I have no problem except disease and such from neighboring properties. Always try to be a good neighbor and it works for me though i,m not a warm fuzzy people person.
A friends property i hunt went sour with former friends who are neighbors feuding. Now neither allowed on each others property. Stupid if a wounded deer crosses line.
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yep hang a cam in the trees facing down on your lick. he will be back. no sense in confronting him until you have the proof and then i would let the cops take over. prosecute for tresspassing and for interfering with your hunt
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Follow the advise of the fellow form members id say their spot on and some roofing nails in his drive way lol.
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Hey man, sorry you have to go through this. It's no wonder the younger generation don't find hunting appealing. Don't be affraid to contact a conservation officer and let them know what's been happening. At least they will have a complaint on file if it gets worse. Maybe the officer could go over and have a talk with the guy and that would put an end to it. Sometimes that's all it takes instead of you taking matters into your own hands. You would be the bigger man that way. Two wrongs don't make a right!

About shooting a deer that goes on his property, all you have to do is contact a game officer and they will help you retrieve it. If they know a deer is dead or wounded on posted property, it is in their authority to help you retrieve it.

Good luck.

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Call the DNR. Report hunter harrasment. A possibility they might have a talk with him.
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Get a slingshot & moth balls and launch them onto his place to run the deer outta there & back onto your place. Eye for an eye & you never stepped foot on his property.
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Yeah im going to try and get him on camera first, then if i have no luck, im going to call the DNR about it. Thanks everyone!
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Call a conservation officer. Hunter harrassment is a crime, at least where I hunt.
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"Make sure your property line is posted according to regulations so that there is no doubt that he is knowingly trespassing. Yea I know he knows but if you catch him doing it again you want it to be so solid he has no way out on any technicalities." -

Definately great advice. Cover all bases and then prosecute. Here in Indiana there are laws in place to protect hunters from being harrassed while in the legal pursuit of wild game. I feel for you man. That would totally piss me off too. If someone came onto my property and did something like that I would probably be the one going to jail. But don't do anything rash. You don't want to lower yourself to that a$$holes standards. Hope you get things worked out. Until then hang in there dude.
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