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I need help.

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Default I need help.

I'm a novice hunter I shot 3 deer a 135 pound spike horn and two small does (80lbs).
So this year I really want to get a buck, big or small.If its a 100 pound button buck or a nice 8 point i just want a buck.
I have a doe tag so I would also take a nice doe if it came down to it.

so i was wondering if anyone had any tactics to shooting bucks without food plots?

I know where there's a couple nice racked bucks and a 6 point, but how can I attract them in the pre season? I have buck grunts, a primos original can, a rattle bag, and trails end 307.

Thanks for reading
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Find the food. If you have no crops in your area, look for acorns. Set up on heavy trails leading from bedding areas to the food source. As time goes on, start to look for breeding habits and bucks chasing does. Rattling and grunting works well around this time. Dont pass up on scrapes, real or homemade ones.
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Another option that you have is spot and stalk. Try finding their bedding area. Take one step, look around REAL GOOD, wait 3 or four steps, and then do it again. Repeat as needed until you see what you are looking for. Watch the wind, as their noses will smell you from a long ways away. Check creek bottoms, or if you can find some scrapes, set up a comfortable place to sit and just wait. Set up overlooking a creek bottom on a ridge, and glass everything. Patience and homework will eventually pay off.

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Originally Posted by redgreen View Post
Patience and homework will eventually pay off.
There's your advice!
You need to find a buck first. Have you noticed any rubs yet? Bucks will prefer thick, nasty, brushy areas to bed during the daytime. Focus on funnels, ridges, and edges. What kind of terrain are you hunting?
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