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Apperal care

Old 09-17-2012, 08:35 PM
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Wink Apperal care

I've seen a bunch of threads on apperal care. Wash, don't wash, scent matters, it don't matter.
Not debating either side, just sharing my approach. I wash my clothes with baking soda. I store them during the off season and between hunts in a rubbermaid container. I also take it a step further by cutting small branches off of a cedar or Christmas tree and put them inside the container. The smell stays strong inside the container for approximately a year. The cedar scent is absorbed by my clothes. Whether or not it makes that big of a difference, I can't say. I do know it's not hurting, I'm not spending a fortune on cover scents, and there is no scent like the real thing.
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I do pretty much the same thing.
I might try some sportwash from walmart. I remember reading about it when it first came out. They claim that (most) camo fabrics these days are being produced from China,Taiwan,Etc. and that they add UV brighteners to it. Sportwash is supposed to neutralize the UV brighteners(the same kind that's in laundry soap). I remember the advertisement showed 2 guys in treestands. 1 with camo that was treated with sportwash and 1 without. The guy with untreated camo looked like a big blue blob.
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Old 09-18-2012, 04:40 AM
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I saw the same ad for Sports Wash and have been using it ever since. I am a firm believer in it. Several years ago I was in a make shift ground blind of brush and limbs and on 2 different times, I had a doe come within 12 feet of me before she realized something was out of place. Both times she circled me completely, but never spooked, she was just nervous.

I turn my camo inside out, it helps prvenet fading, and wash each load with a cap full of sports wash.

It work for me.
Good luck!
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Call me crazy, I believe what ever gives you confidence to get out there and hunt. I do believe in the scent lok / scent blocker clothing. More in the Robinson Outdoors Products. I use the sport wash , I spray with scent killer and I use attractor scents, Tinks 69, Trails End 307, and Special Golden Estrus. I use buck scent as well. Seeing is believing for me, I shot a beautiful 9 point lip curling over a Special Golden Estrus wick. A beautiful sight for me. Say what you want, it gives me the confidence "I" need ! All I can say is try, you gotta try, you never know what you might be missing. Just sayin
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I agree what ever makes you confident then go for it forget what they or other say.

Personally when it comes to washing my hunting clothes I set the washing machine on super capacity heavy load and extra rinse....empty no soap. Then I wash my garments with and unscented with baking soda detergent and hang dry. I then place my garments in a rubbermade tote. Used to use washes, add materials like soil, pine needles etc. Saw no difference in how I did in the field so went back to what I've always done. Wash camo and blaze inside out, suppose to help with fading....thats what pops said and always done it.
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(wash um in) Backing soda a few days before, dry outside, then wear them.

disclaimer : not a bow hunter
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