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Default A way to modify ladder stands to make them safer to install by yourself

Well I am at it again and I thought I would share this one. I generally never have anybody to help me when I want or need to put up a ladder stand. I have never felt good about doing this by myself. Now I do. See what you think. I saw a stand that had a simular set up but I just saw it at a show in passing and said I had enough stands. But it was easy and I had the cable so the clamps and the pully was about $9.00. I fell 18 feet twice and 30' once and I do not bounce as well as I used to.
what I did was take 3/16 coated cable and I took off the nylon securing straps that come with the ladder stands. I clamped the cable on both sides.
I used a longer pin and I put the pully where the mid brace attaches.
I then put loops in the cable. And then I used a ratchet strap to pull the cable tight. when I did this I was able to climb it without it slipping.
I crossed the cables as high in the back as I was able.
The pully had a removable wheel so I was able to install the cable and put the pin back in the wheel of the pully with out the loops being a problem.
When I used the ratchet strap I adusted one loop so they both pulled equal. One ended up longer than the other.
If the stand is in good postition this works great.

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