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How High is High Enough

Old 09-04-2012, 10:57 AM
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Default How High is High Enough

I know in watching the TV hunting shows, most of those guys are WAY up there. How high is high enough as far as stand height? I mean they sell 20 foot ladders, but there is nothing stopping you to put 2 together and go 40ft high.

I have a 22ft ladder stand and that is UP THERE. I just hung a hangon yesterday about 22 feet up.......

That makes those 15 foot ladder stands seem like they are on the ground.

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It really depends where your hunting and how high the cover starts. Sometimes it may be 20 to 30 feet, and other times it can be as low as 10 feet. With that being said, I generally hunt between 20 and 25 feet with my climber.
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Old 09-04-2012, 02:25 PM
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I let the surroundings dictate how high/low I should be. I sometimes find myself at 30' in a climber and other times in a lock-on at 13-15'. Everyone has their preference. Just go as high as you feel comfortable.
Good luck!
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I myself have all my lock-ons at 25.That's good enough for me .
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I use all ladder stands from the 15' to some 21' stands. like others have said the cover in the area will determine how high you need to be,but i dont think you need to be much higher than 20' just my 2 cents.....
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I hung my highest ever this year. It's at about 21 feet to the platform. The reason being is that it's in an are without much cover and deer trails coming from all around. So I went as high as I could in the tree I was using. Usually I go with about 12-17 feet. If the cover is good I go as low as I think I can effectively go. There's no reason to be at 25 feet when 12 is enough to properly conceal you. Let the land dictate how high you need to be.
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Treestand pressured deer higher the better.
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My stands are all 15 ft. Never have had any issues
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Yea the cover is the main thing. I hunt some really nasty hills so I try to get a high as I can most of the time. I have some that are around 30' to the platform but I ALWAYS wear a harness. If you are in anything more than a 15' ladder stand there is no excuse for not wearing one.
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With my climber, I average around 20 feet with my bow and 30+ feet with a gun.

The only caveat is if there is a substantial wind, I stay 20 feet or below. It is quite unnerving to be 35 feet up in a poplar with 20+ mile gusts.
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