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Default Buckmasters

About a year ago I let my Buckmasters subscription expire, among the poor content I found out some troubleing info about them.
My wife was working for a advertising company and now that she switched careers to stay at home mom, I' ve been cleared by her to share. Three times a year buckmasters would use my wifes former company to advertise through direct mail advertising. Cost for such advertisment $ 4.00 per 1,000 cards(post cards, card packs) with no less then 500,000 cards=$2,000 a shot. Not much considering the $$$$ they have rolling in. How much would buckmasters pay? 0.00. Thats right nothing, instead they would give in return there subscribers mailing address.[:@] I couldnt belive it when she came home one day and asked " do you read a mag Buckmasters" and then told me the news, that was enough for me.

On another note, I love this board, have been visiting and learning here for a long time. Thanks to all.
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Default RE: Buckmasters

That might explain some of the hunting related junkmail I' ve been getting .
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Default RE: Buckmasters

that is uncool....but they are doing what they can, if we agree with it or not...
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Default RE: Buckmasters

Welcome to the world of marketing....Everybody does it.
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Default RE: Buckmasters

Sad but true...... oh well, if I' m going to get junk mail, I would rather it be hunting junk mail!
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Jimmy, not everyone is doing it and that certainly shouldn' t make it ok.

You wouldn' t be getting junk mail from hunting companies Ramone. My wifes comp. would take the list they got from buckmasters and sell it to many other companies, and thats where you would get the junk from.
The amont of clients exchanging names for free advertisment is surprising low she said maybe 2 out 100 buisnesses practiced like that ,and they my wife and her co-workers where aware of them because of how sleezy they were.
But if I had a choice of junk mail it would be hunting stuff also .
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Default RE: Buckmasters

[:' (][X(]
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Default RE: Buckmasters

It is called the american way. We invented it. Goes back to the good old days when they used to swoop everything and never used money. I don' t blame Buckmasters or any of those companies. They are there to make a dollar. They use some of those dollars to help with hunting habitat and ect. They pocket a large portion of it sure, we would too if we owned thier business.
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Default RE: Buckmasters

a lot of internet sites do that too but , they have a box to check for it to see if it' s ok for them to do it , do they have a box like that on thier enrollment slips ?? it rotten that they do that if they don' t have permission to but , like the others have said , if it' s hunting junkmail , i don' t mind
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Default RE: Buckmasters

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Quick Reply: Buckmasters

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