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When to eat deer meat.

Old 08-30-2012, 08:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Gunplummer View Post
When I was a kid the old guys would not hunt rabbits until a good frost to "Kill the worms".
Not sure about that, but as a rule I won't hunt them til' snow hits so they won't have as many fleas!
As far as fur not being prime, I never heard of the insect eggs. I always assumed that prime fur is just the thick winter coat!
Awe man, now I'm gettin the trappin' bug too! Time to start boiling traps!!
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I've been a professional chef for 25 years and have never heard of this.
Getting it to the fridge quick is to cool down the meat so that bacteria does not begin to grow and spoil some of your meat.
Most wild game does not need to hang for any specific time as there is not the same ammount of connective tissue as in beef. So a day or two is plenty for hanging. I process my own venison and I find it much easier to work with if the meat is well cooled and firmed up.
As far as early season vs late season, you will find perhaps a difference in flavour mainly due to diet and fat content.
Hope this helps.
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What ? Have eaten deer for 60+ years .... never heard of such. All I do is get my deer meat cleaned and cooled off ASAP. Never waited a year to chomp into a good deer steak ???? Heck many, many time have cooked back strap steaks or fried up some liver strips within a few hours of the kill ... and I am still here .
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Wow...that is absurd. Not sure who told you that but, they were talking out their...
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Originally Posted by Gunplummer View Post
When I trapped nobody started until hides were prime. I was told it was because of insect eggs in the hides. I don't know that I believe either one, but that is how rumors start.
A fur pelt from an animal that was killed before the fur was prime will have a tendency for the pelt to lose part of the fur over time. It is possible for an animal to have a winter coat but for the fur not to be prime. After a period of cold weather for that region, the fur will become prime on a live animal.
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Yep, you probably shouldn't hunt till it gets cold enough.
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I don't know how much weather has to do with a prime fur. Time of year or moon phase maybe. We knew when to put traps out by skin color. Even with the season open we would not start right away. I always would check a road killed coon. Put a slit on the back and peel it a little. Should be reddish pink, not blue on the inside.
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Haven't ever heard that one. The deer we kill is what we eat from the previous season. For example, we are currently on the deer from the 2011 deer season.
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When I lived in Alaska, I once heard a biologist suggest that if folks wanted to eat the salmon and halibut they caught raw (sushi style), he recommended the following:
1. Process the fish. Gut, fillet or whatever
2. Freeze the meat solid for a minimum of three days
3. Then thaw, cut and eat with no worries.

He was of the mind that three days frozen solid would be sufficient to kill any nasties (tapeworm and others) that might be in the flesh of freshly caught fish.

Maybe the person that shared their knowledge with you was thinking along these lines. However, one year?????? I'm thinking they are taking a good thing too far!!!
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Originally Posted by snapper1982 View Post
lmao... i have never heard such a thing and certainly have never waited a year to eat the meat of an early season deer.

i hope someone with some hard factual info chims in to this
Fact - I've eaten the loin and heart the day of harvest for over 35 yrs and i'm alive and never gotten sick.
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