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BAR 7mm-08 whitetail ammo

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Well, I tried the federal nosler partitions in 140gr and they are a no go from what I've seen so far. Didn't get a very good grouping out of em at 100yds. Maybe 4". Two of the rounds out of the 20 i fired jammed as well. Hopefully that's just my rifle telling me it doesn't like that particular round and not a problem with the gun. I won't know until I try out some different ammo. Just thought I'd give an update. Thanks for all the info everyone.
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My Rem Mtn Rifle in 7mm-08 really likes these : http://www.hornady.com/store/7mm-08-...Superformance/. They are shooting under 1" groups at 100yds consistently.

I've shot 2 deer with the GMX bullets. 1 was rib-to-rib behind the shoulder, just clipping the off-side shoulder. It ran maybe 50yds and had a decent exit hole ... on the small side, but decent. The other was a finishing shot on the deer my son shot last year. The deer was laying down with its back straight to us. I put it between his shoulder blades and ended up finding the bullet WAY down near the ankle on one of the front legs. It was perfectly mushroomed and fully intact after penetrating LOTS of bone. I was impressed with how well it held together.

The true test, though, will be how they shoot. I've shot Hornady Light Mags and now the Superformance ammo for many years and they have all shot great for me. Good luck.
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Originally Posted by HatchieLuvr
Tg in the interest of space I left out the part where after the shot the buck ran BACK across the field 100yds to the edge, then stopped for a few seconds. I fully expected him to drop right there but he then limped into the woods out of sight. ( & I tell everyone ALWAYS put another hole in them ANYTIME they stop yet are still on their feet. ) I then waited 10-15 minutes (by watch!) before taking the trail. I have successfully stalked deer with my bow so I know how to slip up on critters. For some reason that buck never laid down! Never found the first spot he laid down.

I agree, he COULDN'T have continued on with both lungs deflated. I've know elk can do pretty amazing things with both lungs ripped to shreds but never known whitetails to have such abilities!

Just one of those WTH moments I reckon.

I'm wondering if maybe you just shot the deer in the leg and hit nothing vital
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I have a BAR in 7mm-08 but have not shot it yet. I'm interested in what you find. My .06 likes Cor-Lokt, but I had a 270 once that shot the best with Accubonds. I never had a problem with either on game.
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Newton29- I shot again yesterday this time with Hornady superformance 139 gr SST and it was a night and day difference over the federal nosler partition in 140 gr in my rifle. Absolutely no jams like I had with the partitions and I was able to cover my five shot groups at 100 yds with a quarter consistently. I couldn't ask for much more out of a semi for whitetail than that. Also, they are only $31 (it was $43 for the partitions) a box which isn't far off from the $25-$27 a box for core-lokts, fusions, winchesters, so to some degree they are in the moderately priced factory ammo range. Maybe not as easily found (ie you probably won't just be able to swing by wal-mart anywhere and grab a box) but most places like bass pro, gander mountain, etc will carry them. Now that I know they shoot really well I'm going back to bass pro where I got them to buy three more boxes with the same lot number so I don't have to worry about it for a while. All the bullets I've mentioned will do the job no problem though just to be clear. My rifle just happened to like the hornadys best. That gives me confidence in my shooting and will make for a fun stress free whitetail season. Hope you have the same. Good luck.
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Also just to add one more thing to that..... Anyone that tells you to start cheap and work you're way up in price is giving you good advice. I started with $43 a box premium federal ammo and it shot borderline awful through my rifle. I had no way of knowing that but since any of the ammo I mentioned above will kill a whitetail (if that's what your using the ammo for) I think if I had to do it again I would rather make a $25 mistake than a $43 one. I certainly won't claim to be an expert on this type of thing either, but this is what I learned from this experience and if sharing that helps anyone than great!
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I too have a 7mm-08 BAR. Not my favorite hunting rifle, but it's nice.
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Shoot them through the lungs with just about any decent bullet, follow the blood for 40 to maybe 75 yards, and get your knife out and start field dressing.
I've used everything from Barnes X to CoreLokts and the result is about the same with the possible difference being that they don't go as far when hit with a softer bullet like a Sierra or a CoreLokt.

The 140 gr. Sierra Pro Hunter is the best in my experience.
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Originally Posted by huntingkidPA
i wouldnt shoulder shot, you ruin a good bit of meat, there will be a lot of bone shard's and you'll ruin most. people kill deer with bows, you'll be fine if you shoot them behind the shoulder. you should be able to track a deer anyways IMO
From what I've read from many, the reason some take the shoulder shot(double shoulder) is to anchor the animal. They do this because if the animal travels any distance it may enter an adjacent property that they don't have a legal right to enter themselves.

Stalking Bear, my 7mm RUM loves to shoot the accubonds, and they have performed well for me with that cartridge.

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Thanks for the update Newt284....I have been using my Savage model 111 GCNS 7mm-08 for the past few years using 140 grain Remington Core-Lokts with fair groups at the Range.I ended up buying some 125 grain Core-Lokts to try out and may buy a box of the Hornady Superformance Bullets You mentioned also!
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