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Originally Posted by superstrutter View Post
Still probably killed it behind a HF, so it doesn't mean much unless it was 5k to 10k acres.
He killed it 100% free range on his own property that he has bought in KS.
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Originally Posted by SJAdventures View Post
He killed it 100% free range on his own property that he has bought in KS.
I saw the episode in question and this was my understanding of the situation. It was a wild, free range Buck that had been tagged for a tracking study.

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I have never heard of this and I do not believe they do this in Indiana, but I could be wrong. I have never been a big fan of Waddle... I question a lot of shows now days that they are killing MONSTER deer all the time.
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Michael knows how to hunt,he's been doing it most of his life. I hate the commercial laden hunting shows at times,but I wish I knew half of what many of these guys know and had their skill with a Bow or a Gun. I believe they could kill just as many Deer as most of us do if they had to hunt the same land because they are hunters just like we are. If I could be on their Bone Collector show and make a living at it I would do it in a heartbeat,I believe most of us would if we could. I don't understand why so many speak so low of them,it's a buisness granted but they still have to get it done or lose their job. When I get tired of the shows I just quit watching them,but I feel no need to run them down or belittle their skills.
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Originally Posted by SJAdventures View Post
He killed it 100% free range on his own property that he has bought in KS.
If that is the truth, I take it back.
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I know Mississippi and Louisiana have tagged or collared wild free-range deer in the past few years for study, either through University or State Angency funded studies.
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Originally Posted by iayotehunter View Post

Very cool story
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he killed it free range 100% fair chase. it was tagged on a nearby no hunting land for a study. after killing it he called the people and they sent him a map that showed how far the deer traveled.
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Default Not unbelieveable to me

Hunting is a very time consuming sport. Difficult to film twenty minutes in every half hour show (the rest advertising)

Plus you have hundreds of amateur cameramen, filming their own hunt. And the "pro" hunters get to compete against that.

Overkill just waiting to happen.
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