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need help

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Default need help

Hi my names nick and this is my second year bow hunting and this year i rented land and set up some trail cameras and ive been baiting for a couple months and had some good pics of some good potential nice bucks but for about a month and a half now i haven't had one pic of a buck lots of does and babys but no bucks. but is this normal for this time of year im just out of ideas

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I wouldn't worry much about it. If you have deer on the property, unless things change drastically the bucks will be there for the hunting season. One thing you don't want to do is visit the site too much and keep stinking it up with human scent. That may well be the reason you're not seeing anything but does and fawns. You didn't say how often you're going in there, but I would limit it to no more than once every 7-10 days.
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I agree with Topgun, as long as you have does the bucks will come.I have one leased property that ive been watching since March, and its all does. The property I own Ive been watching for about two months, and Everyonce and awhile there is a bachelor group coming in for a week or so then they disappear for a week or so..Its kinda hit and miss.
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I visit every other friday deer movements been real slow. Yesterday was the first day it rained in over a month and every das been in upper 90s and over a 100 degrees at least 3 times a week its been a weird summer. And all around me is corn fields. I was also wondering is there any products out there that can keep raccoons away and not scare deer away last batch of photos had one pic that had 13 raccoons in it chowing down on my corn pile
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if they aint there now they will be. especially when the rut comes around. Nothing to worry about. I have the same problem on my land every single year since hurricane Katrina hit for some reason. I never get any good bucks on camera during the summer but then the season comes around and i really find out what is on my land. I guess the cold weather gets em moving and bucks are looking for new territory trying to find them hot does
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To be honest with you, i look for the areas with doe's and no bucks this early, once October and november role around then you'll be seeing bucks no doubt! Also be careful what you post, it's Illegal to be baiting this time of year..
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Originally Posted by wisbowhunter2009 View Post
Also be careful what you post, it's Illegal to be baiting this time of year..

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