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Input on new property

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Default Input on new property

Hello fellow brothers, I have just joined a new club for the upcoming season. Its around 450 acres in South Carolina consisting of 5 buddies of mine. I was hoping to get some advice from you guys on some good starting points for late scouting. Im currently deployed and will get back to the states hopefully a few weeks before the October season opener. Not gonna have a lot of time to hit the woods to scout. Was planning to put out some cameras as soon as I get back, was hoping you guys might have a few ideas of where to start. Thanks a lot for the feedback.
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I like the pinch point right behind the Lake/Body of Water in the thick woods,that's going to be a good spot and any of the thick woods at the furthest point away (left) from the Lake and Houses/buildings.
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Get a good topo of the same area, it might help. Check all of the fields on the contiguous land and see what has been planted. Cross your fingers, 6 people on 450 acres is sort of tight IMHO.
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Bring the area up on "Google Earth" and you should be able to figure out some good spots.
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id be putting mineral licks around and dont forget apples.they love em
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Timbercruiser, you must be a lucky man and have a lot of land. 450 acres for 6 people is a large chunck of land to be hunting on. By the looks of the map, I think you'll be fine with that. It doesn't look like all ag land and looks to be a lot of thick woods and little fingers that stick out. Not implying anything about that but man, when land is tough to come by for me I've hunted 4 guys on 40 acres. Thats a lot for 40 acres but when its either a small patch of land or no hunting I'll take a small patch any day of the week. If 450 acres with 5 guys is what they can afford I think its more than enough.

I see many great spots. Like mentioned above, the North side of the lake would be my ideal spot. It appears to be a great funnel. I'd put two stands up for two wind directions. One as close to the lake as you can and one on the farthest tree you can to keep the wind in your face from the other direction. During the rut, those bucks will be running that funnel a lot.

Also, on the far left in the middle (the red outline makes it look like a nose on a face) it looks like there is a small patch of woods that connects those two large pieces of timber. That is probably a great spot as well.

Also, did this used to be a coal mine or some sort of other mining operation? Just curious because i've hunted old mining areas and there are some great hiding spots you can use to your advantage if it is. By the looks of the overhead map it looks like it could have been mined out sometime in the past.

That deep pocket field on the right hand size would be a great place for a food plot or at the very least cut the grass down in spots and get some fresh growth. If there isn't much ag by there they'll come in and feed there.

I think getting out on foot when you can will be your best bet. I'm sure there are trails running through there that will be great stand sights. I hunt around 450 acres now and by my count we are up to 23 stands and always looking to add more. Good luck and if you get a good topo map feel free to share it, we'll probably be able to help a little bit more then. Good Luck!
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