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cows and deer ?

Old 08-31-2003, 09:54 AM
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Default cows and deer ?

My uncle and I are thing about buying some land and he is wanting to run cattle on all of it. Do the cattle effect the deer movement on the land about 94 acres mostly timber land and about 15-20% fields. I haven' t had any dealing hunting deer with cattle in the same area. Also do they effect turkey?
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Default RE: cows and deer ?

I don' t know much about the subject, but I remember watching a hunting show a while ago where deer got spooked by a herd of cattle. It was in Texas on a fenced-in ranch. In general, I would think the deer and cows would live alongside each other just fine, especially once the deer get used to the strange critters. I think the fencing would alter deer movement more than the cows themselves. But I could be wrong......
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Default RE: cows and deer ?

The only thing I can think of with regards to deer and cattle is " those !@#$ cattle won' t get out of the way when you need to shoot" . I run around 250 mother cows on the same land I hunt deer on . The deer won' t run with the cattle but they are both tolerant of each other. One time I had a steer calf knock my ladder down while I was in my stand and I had to shimmy down the tree. Thats not easy for a fat boy.
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Default RE: cows and deer ?

There are no cow where I hunt but many times I have seen deer in the fields with cows and they seem to get along just fine.
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Default RE: cows and deer ?

where we hunt on the second week of rifle season there are cows. this is the spot were we have drivenout deer the last three years, and the season that past I got my first deer there. The only problem we' ve had was when one guy had to wait to take a shot till the deer past all the cows.
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Default RE: cows and deer ?

Deer will not move out but I' ve never seen them feed in a cow pasture.
Fence off the fields and leave the cows there.

Turkeys love cows.
They will scratch at the cow-patties to get at the bugs and worms.
I' ve hunted and seen many turkeys in cow pastures.
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Default RE: cows and deer ?

personally i hate it when there are cows in my area[:@]no matter which way i want to go in they always run in that direction. now if the cows are the same color of the animal i' m hunting, then it makes for a real rough weekend or hunt. but then again iv' e seen the deer grazing with the cows too.
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Default RE: cows and deer ?

I have seen deer in some of the pasture land I hunt, but never at the same time as the cows. I think they like to keep their distance from each other.

Turkeys love to be in pastures used by cows. They pick out the corn from the droppings--yuck! []
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Default RE: cows and deer ?

The one thing I hate about cattle is how they will sneak up on you before sunup, and then cut loose with this big MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! and scare the caca out of you!
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Default RE: cows and deer ?

Deer are tolerant of the Cattle but dont prefer to mix with them. I won' t hunt some of our stands until the cattle go home for the winter. After the cattle leave the one spot is the one of the best big buck stands we have. Now that I think of it its probably the best overall stand, but I do a lot of passing. When the cattle are still in that pasture, forget it.
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Quick Reply: cows and deer ?

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