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Finishing it off

Old 10-22-2011, 05:47 PM
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I have been told by a much more experienced hunter than I, that slicing the throat does not work as well as you think it would and the best way to finish it off with a knife is to plunge it directly into the heart.
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The knife trick will work, but you better be having your mind set on completing the job. I remember the first time I tried it, on a spine-shot doe, I was a bit timid at first. The deer bit my jacket. Either you jab that knife down through the deer's throat like you mean it, or shoot it again. Tougher to stab through the neck than I would have thought. Had to do it once since then and it was easier for me because I remembered the prior scare.
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If you don't know what your doing (and it sure does sound that way) trying to kill a wounded deer with a knife is going to result in you suffering some pretty serious wounds (if not dead yourself).

There's a reason that Indians would use deer paws as weapons. A shot to the head by an angry kicking deer will send you to your maker, quick.

Just shoot the damn deer in the vitals. Or the head. You've already shot and wounded him. I don't understand what your afraid of. If your too close, then step back and shoot the deer.
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The bullet will go deep into the ground, and is not coming back up.
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Default Finishing an animal off...

Come on guys...stab it in the heart, shoot it at point blank? Jesus. The best thing to do is use your knife and cut the throat. If you have never had to finish a deer off you havn't killed that many. Once when shooting 3 does in a row I got a little ahead of myself and hit one right behind the rib cage, it ran off with guts hanging out its side. Luckily I found it about 500 yds in a direct line the way it ran off(death run). This was 30 minutes after the shot, I had to climb down. All you do is take the knife and cut the throat. Hold down the head with one foot and cut in deep. If you knife is sharply pointed cut from behind the esophagus out then saw in another inch. If you are unsure, saw inwards but push hard and saw quickly, the fur will stop the initial cutting. It takes some force, more with an older animal. Keep your knife sharp.

The carotid artery is a little behind the esophagus. This will bleed any mammal out in less than a minute no matter what. If it tries to get up when you approach this is when you shoot it again, right in the ribs behind the shoulders so you dont destroy the meat, but from about 10 yards. Keep in mind the bullet trajectory and avoid the spine. It will not ricochet off anything at that speed other than water, the bullet will shrapnel when hitting the dirt or sink in deep.

That being said, never take a shot you have not practiced repeatedly and grouped under 3 inches at said distance. It is very rare you will have to finish one off but it is good you are thinking about every possibility and concerned about a suffering animal.
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