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Most Impactful Product

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Default Most Impactful Product

What is the most impactful product you have added to your bow...and why?
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I have to say arrows
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exploding tips, really takes out the error of shot placement.

Leupold Vendeta, I should not have to explain why
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I would have to say the most impactful part of my bow is me. Without me the bow is little good and cant kill a thing. Yea there are thousands of great products to help with your accuracy and how far you can shoot but to me it all starts with practice and the ability to duplicate your procedure under the stress of buck fever. Master that and it matters none what bow you shoot or if you have carbon or aluminum arrows. This is just my opinion.
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Default The Most Impactful Thing to a Newbie Archer

is the effect on his wallet.
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I've actually been taking stuff off my personal bows, and shooting for a more "low tech" setup.

Assuming, of course, that you have good arrows the most impactful products I've noticed are release aids and sights. If someone has reasonably good hand-eye coordination and the physical strength to draw the bow, I can have him/her shooting well accurately enough to hunt in a couple of hours, with these products. That's the easy part. though.

Most of the "advances" I see today, seem to be aimed at taking the archer out of the equation. You've got a problem with fletching/arrow clearance don't bother tuning and trying to figure out and correct the problem, just get a fall away rest. You've got a problem with noise/vibration, don't worry about it, just hang another pound, or so, of vibration damping products on it. And so on.

You see some of the evidence in a few of the questions on this, and other, forums. "Can somebody give me the answer, or tell me what magic product to buy, to solve my problem?" Which, loosely translated, means "I want the answers but, I don't want waste my time at the target butt trying to figure them out."

Kind of like my grandkids. They drive all over the place and can text without missing a beat (and they blow me away on the computer). If, however they have a flat or their car won't start, or if, GOD forbid, the car has a standard transmission they are stranded.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is that more isn't always better and the most impactful thing you can add to your bow, in my opinion, would be wear and tear due to long hours of practice and enjoyment
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Default Completely Agree

I completely agree...I'm not searching for a magical product but rather confirming what I believe...that archery is still about the basics...sure it's fine to add accessories to your bow...however they don't really do much...it's still about the flight of the arrow and the shooting form of the archer...so...thus far the most impactful products mentioned have been the basics.
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Amen to that it drives me crazy going into the proshop opening day and seeing guys buying bows and crossbows and thinking there heading to the woods that day to hunt!
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I would say the rip cord has been the best thing I have added to my set up, I used to have trouble with the arrow falling of the rest and now it really cant happen.
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Anyone else notice that we seem to have posters come on here with just a few posts put something up like this???

Are the Mods trying to increase the traffic on this board???

I've been seeing this for several months now...
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