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long range deer

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Default long range deer

So, I'll soon be moving to Kansas. This will be my first time living West of the Mississippi River. From what I've been told told, KS is a plains state meaning open fields. I have been working on modernizing a Mosin Nagant 91/30 and hope to finish it soon and possibly take a long range deer.

What kinda tips or strategies are there for taking long range deer? I know that the subject is pretty much limited until; I know what terrain I'll actually be hunting, but some general tips would be helpful. Also, how many of you hunt long range?

Thanks guys
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where are you going in knasas. I live there and the shots very so it's hard to call it.
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I hunt right at the very western edge of KS, eastern CO. It will be nothing like the thick hardwoods of the east if you are that far west. We see deer from miles away....the trick is to close the distance. A long shot for us is in that 350-375 yds. but we also get a ton of practice and we can shoot as far as the open prairie allows. With that said we also have some heavy cover CRP that we will jump deer from that may provide us with close quick shots at far less than that.
Last year my 4x4 buck was killed at 35 yds. ...go figure.
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Define long range???

What is long to some isn't long to others...

Also, the perception that hunters east of the Missisippi don't get "long" shots
isn't true...We have 3 farms in eastern NC, where it is very flat and in some fields
we could take 800 yard shots...We also have a light line on one farm that is over 500 yards...I've also hunted cutovers where you could see several hundred yards...Heck, in the mountains with the leaves off the trees you can sit on one and see deer on the other...So we do have long range shooting opportunities...

Also, just because I see deer that far away, doesn't mean I'll shoot them that far...Instead of taking a shot I'm not comfortable with, I'll reposition and try another day...

Long range to me is when you have to allow for holdover but with some of today's scopes you can dial in where you need to be...

So first off...What is long range to you??? What range do you typically take deer at???
How far away can you keep all shots in a 5 inch circle???
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i live in kansas and my shots are never more than 200 yds
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Yep, depends on where you go in KS. Im in the north/east area and all my hunting properties don't give me anything over 150 yards or so. And thats in one of the corn or brome fields. We do have one corn field that we could hunt and have around 350-400 yard shots but thats an open field right at the intersection of 2 roads so we don't hunt it.
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