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Poke Salad???

Old 08-04-2011, 07:48 PM
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Default Poke Salad???

Hey Guys,
On our lease in Al. we have a pretty significant amount of cutover land that is less than three to for yrs old... in those we have a ton of poke salad growing. I never knew deer would forage on it till i started seeing skat in the woods tha looked like mashed up black berrys, when i ask an older guy what it was he told me thats what deer crapp looked like when it had been eating alot of polk salad... so i guess my question rele isnt whether or not deer eat it, but wat is the most effective way to bowhunt it since it typically dies off before rifel season down here??
do i just find the spot with the most sign and set up on the edge of the cut and hope one makes it into the clearcut before dark??? or would it be beter to find a patch that may be a lil more secluded than out in the middle of a clearcut? Any experience hunting the stuff?
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Old 08-05-2011, 12:39 PM
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Deer will eat it, but I would look for some white oak trees. Put your stand as high as you can in that clear cut so you can see good.
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Old 08-05-2011, 12:51 PM
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They will eat it early season but not as a main feed . just a snack here and there.
they will move else where once the acorns or other feed start
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Around here in Missouri the Deer will feed more if the food source is in cover where they feel more secure...so setting up in a stand or ground blind where the Poke Salad Greens are growing in a thicker area or even woods or tall grass where they feel more hidden will probably give You a better chance at getting a nice Deer!If You happen to find a better trail coming into the Greens You can always move Your stand closer to the better site or if You see the Deer traveling a different spot away from where You can get a shot just move your stand closer in.Some times the Deer will stage further in from a food source then as it gets darker they will finally move in when they feel safer...if thats the case then You may need to set up further into the woods along a trail?
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