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what early season attractant do you use in front of your trail cams?

Old 07-14-2011, 03:43 PM
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Default what early season attractant do you use in front of your trail cams?

I filled my moultrie feeder with corn last month and set my trail cam up in front of it. I have not gotten one pic of a single deer. I believe that since corn is a carbohydrate and heats their internal furnace up, they are not eating it yet. What do you use for early season?
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I don't use feeders at all. Most of the time I get about half a 50lb bag of corn and pour it on the ground.Then, get some apple flavored buck jam and pour about a 1/4 on top of the corn. By a week all of the corn will be gone and you will have A LOT of trail cam pics. I have never put this out without any results and have used it many times.
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we use corn on our cameras with great success... sometimes upwards of 2000 pics in two weeks.. I also like to use Black Magic by Deer Cocaine. Awesome product
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For spring and summer i like to use a natural food source, or a crop of clover or something. Like Deepsouth said Black magic works great, it's a salt product which after winter is what a deer needs, especially bucks. Corn works best in fall because most of the natural sources are depleted and well everyone knows deer love corn...
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I found last year that the herd in my area loved biologic hot spot, they ate up all the seed before it had time to grow. I raked out an area and spread the seed and boom I was getting over 200 trail cam pics and videos a week.
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Just DeerCain licks. A couple years ago, Wild Game Inovations sent us some bags of crushed sugar beets. I spread it around the outer edge of the salt licks already in use. It was amazing. The deer devoured it in 2 days or less.
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Have you tried Vanilla extract?
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Plain old 50 lb white salt block,draws the Deer in year round,also tried a new lick called the Arm & Hammer Salt Lick and I have also used the "Lucky Buck" minerals and the Deer really like it and it has a higher mineral content than most other mineral on the market!

Arm & Hammer Salt Lick
Take a 55 oz ( 3 lb 7 oz) box of Arm & Hammer all natural Super Washing Soda in the yellow box and about 20-30 lbs of rock salt or even water softener salt pelts,pick a good spot where You can break up the ground with a shovel in a 4 foot by 4 foot area/circle or smaller.Spread about 1/2 the A&H on top of the well broken up soil then take around 20-30lbs of salt and spread it on top of the A&H,then spread the rest of the A&H Soda on top of the salt.You can add a little more A&H and salt a few months later or as needed.We usually add some corn,acorn rage or other attractant so the Deer find the A&H Salt lick,be sure to follow any Game Laws in Your State regarding using any minerals or bait/grain type materials.

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I just piss all over the ground around my camera
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Never tried vanilla. Lol but u all have great ideas
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