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Default Unintended Results

I don't bait, but understand why in a place like West Texas. Let the state game agency decide. They are in charge of protecting the game throughout the state and not in just one square mile.

Baited areas can attract hunters over and over. And that can lead to deer scenting the area, leading to less deer visiting in daylight hours or at all.

I don't see it as a question of ethics. I just don't like the idea of hauling a forty pound bag of corn, a half a mile into the woods. That's the kind of hard work I know deer will surely scent.
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Hunting over bait isn't "hunting" really. It's harvesting. That being said, it's legal here in KS, and I'm glad to harvest deer over bait to fill my freezer. I have 7 boys to feed, and my only land is public land that is grossly overhunted by nonresident hunters. A ton of the WIHA land is open farmland with rarely a tree in sight. In fact, I have yet to see a buck on public land -- only does. If using some bait will lead a deer my way instead of some out-of-stater's, then I'll do it as long as it's legal. Of course, I'm not out to get antlers, either.
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The bucks are on public land, that is all I hunt. They are a lot smarter than private land bucks and you don't see them once they are scared out of their wits. Baiting? I have used deer urine now and then. Whats the difference between a pile of corn and and a corn field ? The difference is that the baiter has no confidence in his skill.
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Hunting over a corn pile is illegal here in VA, but hunting over a corn field or soy bean field is not. I don't see a whole lot of difference between the two.

Also, in some southern parts of VA, you have people running deer with dogs, running all over other people's land, driving like a bat out of heck down roads with houses and kids around to get in front of the dogs, taking running shots with buck shot at questionable distances, etc. etc. Personally I'd rather see them hunt over a corn pile.

Just because it makes it easier doesn't make it unethical. Hunting over a corn field is often easier than hunting a densely wooded area, does that mean it is unethical? Hunting with a rifle is easier than hunting with a bow, and hunting with a compound bow is easier than hunting with a recurve. There are plenty of places where you can shoot a deer over a corn field any day of the week, and there are other places where you can lay a corn pile and only see one deer the entire season.

My buddy in SC baits where it is legal. After several years, I am still the only person to harvest a deer on that land. The deer there are nearly completely nocturnal.

It isn't a question of ethics. As long as you are safe and respectful and enjoy getting out in the woods, I have no problem with that.
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Why the giant debate? If it's legal and you want to then do it. It's not lazy for people to do it and it doesn't make you a more superior hunter if you don't hunt over bait. It's one of the thousands of choices we are afforded in the sport of hunting. The choice to gun hunt over bow hunt. Realtree vs Mossy Oak. Bait vs no bait. All just choices.
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Originally Posted by Gunplummer
The bucks are on public land, that is all I hunt. They are a lot smarter than private land bucks

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Default Define baiting!

Question - Do you consider planting a food plot baiting? What about hunting under a white oak that is dropping acorns in an area that has very few of these trees? If I plant some trees for my boys to hunt under years from now, is that long-term baiting? What about hunting around a nice plum thicket or a persimmon? There are places where I hunt in Texas where hunting over feeders and feeding protein year round is not only effective, but also good for the deer herd. I have also planted food plots, hunted under white oaks, etc. I'm not going to avoid a fresh scrape or a nice rub line to give a nice buck a fighting chance. Hard to draw a line on this baiting question. If I'm hunting deer moving through my property to get to my neighbors wheat field - am I cheating or being a smart hunter?
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Used to bait during the hunting seasons and all the deer came in at night, never during the day. Now I don't bait and I see more deer when I hunt.
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Gunplummer to bait is to lure or entice. What is the difference in putting corn out or putting deer sex lure? Both are not natural.
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Keep in mind, I do not bait...and never will, but I am very opened minded to others' opinions.

However, I do hate this argument "What's the difference between a pile of corn and hunting a corn field?"

Doesn't seem like that is a legit argument...a pile of corn brings a deer to a specific location. Whether the pile of corn is located in the woods or on the edge of the field, you are increasing your probability of bringing a whitetail within range, to a specific spot that you chose. When hunting a corn field, especially bowhunting, you have to put yourself in the best position, that gives you the best opportunity to intercept travel path.

I can see the sex lure argument as a legit argument.
This isn't the last "bait" or "ethics" post we'll see...but good luck and good hunting! Anyone else getting geared up for the 2011 Season!?!? Just over two months away here!
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