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fusion bullets

Old 02-05-2011, 06:46 AM
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Default fusion bullets

previous to deer season i posted a question on bullets, ballistic vs solid core. im happy to report this year i used fusion bullets,150 grain in .270 and killed 4 deer. the shots were at 30, 40, 80, and 140 yards and all dropped where they stood with a shoulder shot. we all know about placement, angles, visibility, calibers and so on but the point is these bullets made a tiny entrance hole, mushroomed out, made a pass through and exited with a quarter sized hole. my experience with ballistics was the total opposite. yes they killed the deer, but some ran up to 100 yards and rarely made a pass through. upon dressing of the deer i might find a few shards of copper and lead indicating they "blew up" upon impact. not too long ago all we had was solid core bullets. think ill stick to proven performance.
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I've shot the fusions for the past couple years and love them!!
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i love the fusions bullets in my rifles and muzzleloader, can't ask for anything better
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I to use the fusion and federals. I had some of the ballistic silver tips several years ago and lost a few deer back when winch ester recalled them. I will never use another bullet made by them. But to each there own. Gotta use what you are confident with.
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Fusions are all I use in my 30-06 for hunting (180 gr.). I have shot several deer over the last few years with them, and I think the furtherest one went was 10 yards, and he was running when I shot him. They are positively devastating.
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Ive shot 4 or 5 with 150gr fusions in a 270also. I love them I decided to try a premium bullet (140gr corlokt ultra) once and it didn't do no better so this year I went back to my fusions one shot dead deer this past season.
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Default Shot both

I,ved used both in the past .
I use to reload my 270 with the 130 and 140 grain ballistic tip bullets .
The gun shot great and I never lost a deer with the proper shot placement .
There were times when the BT bullet would break into small parts instead of mushrooming .
I tried the fusion ammo in the gun and had very good results .
Although the reloads shot better the fusion ammo stayed together and mushroomed .
I bought a new Browning shortrac 270 wsm and shott the fusion ammo in it with great results .
Shot a 10 pointer this past season at 640 yards .
My Browning groups very well with the fusion ammo .
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How about their slugs? anyone have any expeirence?
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Used the 150gr. Fusions in my 7mm. Rem. Mag. in the 2009-2010 season on 3 deer with great results.

20 yard, 50 yard, and 125 yard shot. All relatively close range for the 7 mag. All 3 bullet held together very well. 2 penetrated completely with quarter sized exits. One entered the right shoulder and ended up under the skin of the back left ham in a perfect mushroom.

They seemed to be very accurate in that particular rifle also.
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Default Fusion

Forgot to mention I also bought a new TC Encore and I,m using the fusion sabots 50 cal.
They shot great, Very acurate .
Although I didnt get a chance to use it this last season ....
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