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Your 2010-11 season

Old 01-26-2011, 02:31 PM
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Default Your 2010-11 season

So how'd your season go. I'm sure everyones season is almost over so I thought I'd post this.

Here's how mine went:

I didn't kill anything big but seen some big bucks and didn't get a shot. They'll be bigger next year though and I know the big 10 point I seen is still alive.

This is the biggest deer I killed. I thought he was bigger because I just saw him walk through quickly and took the first shot I got.

Other than that I killed three doe and let abunch go. I also missed a nice 7 point with a cross bow, he was way bigger than annyhting I've killed too

I've killed more deer in one season before but this was my best as far as seeing deer.
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Old 01-26-2011, 03:41 PM
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Mine was one of the worst seasons i have had in the last 20 years.

First of all a part time job with a local coop kept me out of the deer woods until late november. I still got out about 25 times, but it's clear the deer populations in this area are way down from a few years ago. I noticed a drop in trailcamera pics last year and this year. Quality of the bucks on film were way down.

I bet 10 out of the 25 times out i saw absolutely nothing. Never heard a grunt, never saw a buck chasing a doe let alone following one. I did have a chance at a decent 8 pointer but missed him with my bow. I filmed all my hunts this fall and doubt i even have enough footage to even put something together.

And to top it off i broke the stock off my muzzleloader halfway through the late gun season.

I just want to forget about this year, find other properties to hunt, and focus on changing things up a bit and being ready for next year.
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Old 01-28-2011, 04:39 PM
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Opening day doe.

Meat buck

Second Doe down 20 yards from the stand

Biggest buck ever shot 5 minutes after I shot the above doe.

Tonight my last hunt of the season.

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mine went pretty good. Got my first deer with a bow. Doe at 20yrds, shot a buck with my Hawkins ML rifle I built and have used as my main hunting rifle for the past 2 yrs. Got to sit outside and enjoy nature, watched the sun rise and go down many times. Had plenty of deer around me throughout the season and enjoyed my time in the woods. Really didnt hunt the last month of the season except for an evening when off around Christmas time. Can't wait for spring gobbler season to come around.
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Mine was up and down. I had a great year with my trail cams. I got more pics of mature bucks this year then any other year, and I know that most of them made it thru the season.On stand, I saw only 4 bucks in 4 months of hunting. I shot at 3 of them. On the opening night of bow season, I shot at this small 7 point, but the top limb of my bow hit the bow hanger, and the string came off the cam, and I missed him completly.

Thn on the opener of our muzzleloader season, I was sitting in my ground blind, and this guy came out within 50 yards of the blind, but he was in so much thick stuff, that buy the time I had a shot, it was a small opening, and I missed him too.

Then, the next night, sitting in the same ground blind, this guy walks out, and I decided that my time was running out, and I needed some meat for the freezer.

So, I would say I had a pretty good year. Would have liked to have seen more bucks while on stand, but I will take what I got.
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