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hanging deer

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I debone the animal right away and put it in a cooler or fridge till i am ready to cut it up further.
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Default Hanging Meat

I am a hunter and cattle farmer. In addition to my deer annually I slaughter a steer. My butcher hangs the meat for me for 14 days. This is dry aging and you can google the benefits of it. It is my understanding that a week of aging can be done in a refrigerator, but to do more than that the humidity has to be controlled.

I cube all of my deer meat for burger, sausage and tamales. I have found that by immediately deboning and cubing then in the ice chest with water drained daily and new ice added. will lighten the meat considerably. Of course if you want steaks and chops you won't be able to do this.
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usually, after our first deer or two, once there is meat in the freezer, we will allow the deer to hang for at least 10 days if weather allows, but i've had them freeze on me before and they have hung for over a month with no problems.
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i hang it off my back deck.
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When I took my meat cutter training, we hung the meat for a week to 10 days. This helped to break the muscle tissue down, making the meat more tender. The meat was hung in a walk in cooler with the temperature just above freezing.
Hunting conditions vary considerably due to weather, time of year and available facilities. Some hunters leave the hide on until they can get near the proper facility. One main thing is to remove any damaged meat etc. as soon as the animal is harvested to prevent further spoilage. if flies are a problem, one can lightly cover the meat with pepper, then wrap in cheese cloth. The cheese cloth will still let air filter through. If the animal can not be taken to a butcher shop immediately, hang in the shade out of sunlight.
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idk but iv heard of ppl putting it in milk,or maybe that was to get the wild taste out.never tried it.
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