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Feeding deer corn?

Old 12-19-2010, 11:43 AM
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Default Feeding deer corn?

I have a friend that hunts in Northern Wisconsin and with all the snow they have had, he asked me if he thought it was a good idea to start feeding them corn. I told him I wouldn't put a huge amount out, but maybe like an ice cream pail or 2 full out a week until the snow melts. Is that a bad idea or what does everyone think?
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Here is a couple links I found on this. Not sure if I agree with them, but I'm no expert. I only put out corn for bait in the late season.




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I don't know what it is like where you live but here in NH we have a set time we can use feed or bait, from Sept 1 to Dec 31. Reason being is the deer become too dependent on the feed and become too concentrated in one area. We also need to have written landowners permission along with a permit issued by the F&G dept. To me it makes perfect sense because when they do become dependant, they stop utilizing their own natural food source and they don't end up getting all the vitamins and minerals they require for a healthy diet which makes it tougher on them during the winter months. That's how it was explained to me by a CO I spoke with this year.

You should check with the F&G to find out what, if any, are the laws just to be on the safe side. I would think if the snow is really deep they would make exceptions to the rules if there are any.

Good luck
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Down here an "ice cream pail or two" wouldn't last through the night. It's sold by the 50lb bag and you usually get a lower price the more you buy. It's nothing to see guys buying 10, 20, even 50 bags at a time.
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I have seen research showing deer that have starved to death in the winter with a stomach full of corn. While it is a part of their normal diet sometimes in the winter they will eat only corn if it is readily available. The corn alone doesn't have the nutrients that the deer need to keep them alive. They can fill up on corn and not eat anything else and end up dieing.
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Corn alone leads to a condition called "acidosis." Deer make too much acid in their rumen, and die. This only occurs if deer eat nothing but corn after they have switched over to browse for the winter. It is better to feed them oats, or a feed for ruminant animals. Fleet farm or a local feed mill would be able to supply it. Corn can be mixed into the oats or ruminant feed in moderation.
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I feed 50lbs about every 3 to 4 days aint found any dead deer yet and I been doing it for several yrs but only during the harshest times of the yr.
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Illegal in NY
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Corn toxicity is a general term related to two diseases which can affect white-tailed deer throughout Michigan and elk in the northeastern portion of the state. Both diseases occur acutely and result in the rapid death of animals in good physical condition. These diseases are acidosis (grain overload) and enterotoxemia (overeating disease).
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If deer can't make it thru the winter without feeding, there are too many deer for that area.
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