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monster on trail cam

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The words Milo Hansen come to mind when I see this pic. Great monster typical. From what I can see I count 11 points, but I cant see his brow tines though, so Im guessing a 13 pointer, maybe more? I believe Milo's buck had 16 pounts though. Still a monster deer provided that the pic was not photo shopped. Its hard to tell sometimes what to believe with all the technology these youngsters are coming out with these days to alter photos.

And I am not saying that this photo has been altered, I was only making a comment on how you cant believe everything you see now, in photo's or videos. It was not meant to be any disrespect for the thread starter.
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Alright lookin at this alittle closer I would have to say it was a picture from a tv screen and whats the marks outside the frame we can't see? I'm starting to change my mind now.
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i took a picture of the original photo with my cell phone and emailed it myself so i could upload it here..the reason for the poor quality
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This report includes studies on a bucks home range. In Texas a buck traveled 15 miles on an excursion during the rut. He then returns to his home range.

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he returns if he is still alive! nice buck dude
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Good lord what a buck
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Originally Posted by jakelogsdon View Post
Something doesn't smell right here!!???
My thoughts too. Wouldn't be the first trail pic that was stolen off TV or somewhere else on the net. There was actually one posted a couple of weeks ago wanting us to score the buck. The guy posted the picture and everyone went crazy over how big the buck was. The next day I was watching the outdoor channel and saw the exact same picture on a Primos Game camera commercial. The picture had the exact date and times of the guys picture claiming to have got the picture on his trail camera. Pretty obvious too when someone takes a picture with their camera of a TV screen such as this one and that one. I do wish at least one of these guys would prove me wrong and take a picture of themselves in the exact same cam flipping me the bird.

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I'm guessin this deer goes about 233 1/8 ....This is the field and stream buck taken by Bob Decker in Wisconsin in 2008. I just watched NAW and seen this trail cam pic. Nice try
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Steven you beat me to it. I just saw that too on NAW and was gonna say that.
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Boy bwoods14 must have one pitiful life. WTF would anyone do that? Just all out lying about a trail pic? Boy I bet that was a lot of fun hu bwoods14?
I think a admin. should ban his IP address!

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