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Leaving stand

Old 12-04-2010, 06:03 PM
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Default Leaving stand

Ok, you have been sitting in a ladder stand watching either a plot or a field, it gets dark and there are a bunch of deer in the patch, just nothing you want to shoot. Do you just try to climb out or do you make a racket to run the deer out of the patch before you get out. I keep saying I am going to tie a string to a limb on the ground about 50 yards from the stand to shake to run them out. What method do you use?
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I'm sure about everyone has had this issue at some point or another. When hunting near houses, I one time decided to yell out like I was calling my dog. Lol. Figured if I made enough noise like I wasn't hunting or a threat, they wouldn't think much of it for next time. Worked so well, I've used it several times now. When hunting with a friend, we sometimes walk over to get them to scatter. A side from that, I usually just stick it out until I think they've left. Would like to hear others on this.

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I bark like a dog. It doesn't spook them bad. They usually just cautiously walk away.
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I wouldn't over-think it...I had 2 deer bust me this fall bow hunting--ran out there snorting and spitting and everything else.

Two nights later they were back. I shot one of them.

Not kidding.

I might consider having a conversation with the deer in a very loud voice: "Hey, deer! Hey, a******! Yeah, you. I'm leaving now but I'll be back in two days, same time, same station. Then I'll put a bullet in one of your asses. Until then, enjoy. I'm out!"

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superstrutter i do the same thing great mines think alike lol
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For hum-teen years I have done as others have already mentioned .... barked like a dog. If that does not work, I try imitating a coyote howl. Usually either work fine ... almost every time they will sort of come to attention and will eventually ease out. Very seldom I have seen them more than bound out.
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I just snort wheeze at them a lot easier then barking
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Last year I was hunting a scrape line during bow season. Got out of my stand after dark. I had just climbed down and was changing into lighter clothing for the trek out when I heard this big deer walking right to me. My flashlight was still in my bag. At 10 yards and closing, I finally let out the meanest bark and growl I could. To my surprise, he didn't even budge! I finally yelled GET, which finally got him to roll. Guess he felt he was tougher than any dog? If someone did that to me in the dark at that close, I would have probably crapped my pants!
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I quietly come down out of the tree or out of the ground blind and quietly backtrack into the edge of the woods away from the deer and take the long way back to my vehicle or house.
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fire a warning shot
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