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Carbon Suits

Old 11-29-2010, 08:53 AM
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Default Carbon Suits

Currently I have 1 dryer, which my wife uses daily. She also uses scented dryer sheets. To reactivate my carbon clothing, I need to throw them in the dryer as recommended. I am not feeling good about using the dryer after she has used scented dryer sheets. Is there a drying device out there specially made for hunters/carbon suits? What do you suggest?
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Old 11-29-2010, 09:58 AM
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all i do is run a load of towels through without any detergent in the washer then i stick them in the dryer then when the towls are done i just put my scent lok in there and never have had a problem with smell or anything like that.
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After what was stated above. I do the same but then use the unscented dryer sheets. Just as an extra protection.
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Well if your scentlocker suit locks the odor, what's the problem? Should be able to run the dryer with a bottle of cologne in it, right?
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Old 11-29-2010, 01:33 PM
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you can try to reactivate it in the dryer but it aint gonn a happen. the tempature needed to reactivate carbon is something a dryer would never ever reach
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Nope wont work,you are going to need a new dryer.
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ya need 900 degree's to burn the smell outta carbon..gl
never put your scent free stuff in the washer or dryer..hand wash, hang in the woods to dry...hang in the horse stable for max effectiveness.
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This is what I do, if it works no clue, but it seems to me it does. I wear a military type chacroal suit. After a few hunts I use a commercial grade heat gun all over it like a blow dryer a few minutes on each section to reactivate the charcoal. If your on 1 spot to long it'll burn a hole so you'll have to watch it.
After a session of this is smells just like when ya took it out the plastic. You know, that carbon smell. The dryer just doesn't cut it. Either way good luck!
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You aren't going to reactivate carbon in a home dryer any way so...... the best you can hope for is to not contaminate with other smells so just hang them to dry outside.
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That's the problem I have with the idea of carbon suits: at some point the carbon is fully saturated. The question I have is how long does that take? Yeah, I know that if you sit in a greasy gas station you're absorbing stronger odors, but that doesn't necessarily mean more molecules are being bound by the carbon (just smellier ones). At what point is the suit saturated? How do you know when you've reached that point? Deer smell far more than we do, so there is a point between when the suit is saturated for them than it is for us, right?

Too many unknowns for me to fork out that kind of money on a suit...
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