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Long and sentimental but dad is coming to hunt! >

Long and sentimental but dad is coming to hunt!

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Long and sentimental but dad is coming to hunt!

Old 11-23-2010, 12:55 PM
Fork Horn
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Default Long and sentimental but dad is coming to hunt!

I'm like a kid waiting for Xmas! Opening day firearm in Maryland starts Saturday and my dad is coming down for the week! Let me give the background, I am 30 and live to hunt, I mean it consumes me from Archery in September thru late January. My dad took me out scouting and shooting when I was too young to actually hunt and I even got some stand time in for him. Then I had my first hunt when I was 12 and harvested a doe. At 14 I started bowhunting and was able to sit on my own away from dad. He ALWAYS would walk me to my set up and come get my at the end of the hunt. I would also get the best scouted out area. What a pain I must have been. In late season when it got dark early, by the time we got out of work/school and into the woods, it was late and then by the time he got me setup, poor guy had like an hour to himself. Anyway, I always came first and got the best areas. Well 6 years ago I moved to Maryland from NJ and left dad. He has hunted less and less since I've been gone and this year he hasn't gone out once. That was totally unheard of a few years ago, im still surprised. For the last few years I talked him into coming down to Maryland and hunt on a large tract of public land with me for a few days when he could get off which he did but that was maybe only 2-3 days a year.

Well last year I was able to join a hunting club 10 minutes from home with 1000 acres. I hunt hard and often but its not the same without him. Last year I talked him into coming for a few days and noticed a change. Now it was me walking him to and from stands, telling him where to watch, and putting him in the best areas. I liked it. Well this year after finding out he hasn't gone once by himself, I talked him into taking a full week off and joining me down here and he jumped at the chance. I've hunted more than ever this season and got a nice buck 2 weeks ago. Since then I've been scouting non stop, sitting out to check out areas, clearing some lanes for him and finding great spots. I'm so psyched, we talk everyday now about the upcoming hunt. I am getting so much joy being the guide and putting him in the best locations and walking him to and fro etc. Its amazing, I of course will be hunting too but I really could care less, I just want to show him the best time.

I just sit back and find humor how the tables have turned. I'm now 30 and my dad is 56 and the situation is exactly reversed from when I was 14 and he was in charge. Now he asks for gear recommendations, questions and follows my lead with where and when to hunt. Great feeling, can't wait to hunt with dad again!
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Old 11-23-2010, 01:13 PM
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thats great man. talk about what comes around goes around. you are blessed.

my dad was an excellent Adirondack hunter. Took 4 slammers in his day scoring from 130-155. That's an accomplishment here in NY. in 1980 he took his last slammer and 138" heavy 10 points. I'm looking at the mount right now in my home office. in 1983 he was paralyzed in an accident and hasn't hunted since. I had to learn to hunt on my own. Was very frustrating. to this date (im 37 years old) I have only taken two NY bucks that score slighly over 100". However, i have managed to take a buck every year for the past 12 years..... so I think he's proud.

This year I took a 167" monster on a bow hunt in Illinois. dressed 252 lbs. called Dad ASAP. he said, "well boy you finally got a buck bigger than your old man. " i replied " 167" illinois buck is equal to a 100" buck in NY. I'd have to had taken a 200" buck in illinois to compare to any of his slammers in NY.

It saddens me to death that we never got to share many hunts. That said, enjoy your pay back to your Dad. I'm sure you'll have a blast.

Dave Kirchhoff
upstate NY
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Old 11-25-2010, 03:36 PM
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Default Dad

Nice story reminds me of me and my Dad. I moved from New York to Virginia and had missed hunting with my Dad. I always would tell him "Dad I've gotta get back up there so we can hit the Catskill's" never knowing that would never happen. Dad had a stroke and was unable to hunt anymore. I lost my Dad shortly after that and it changed my life. It took me about five years before I was able to go hunting again, because it just didn't seem the same without the man that walked me in the woods holding my hand when I was just six years old, showing me the in's and out's of hunting. You never think about loosing a loved one untill they are gone. I just started back Hunting and I enjoy it just as much holding my sons hand and showing him what Dad taught me. Enjoy your Dad while he's here, and remember "Once A Man, Twice a Child"
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Old 11-25-2010, 04:26 PM
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Thats has to be a great feeling. My Dad is not much of a hunter. He took me out once when I was 9 or so. He only hunted maybe 2 years or so when I was growing up. I have been self teaching and learning through this site. I would have loved to have that experience you shared with your Pops. Treasure it!!!!!
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Old 11-25-2010, 05:33 PM
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You are very blessed!
I grew up hunting with my dad and we had soo many great hunts together,but as the years passed he wanted to go out less and less now he is 76 and has not hunted for several years. I will be moving to Illinois in a few weeks and know I probably will never get the chance to hunt with him again,and it saddens me.
I will always cherrish the days we spent hunting together and hope to share the love of hunting he gave me with my own son.Thanks dad for passing on your passion to me,I will do the same!

May you and your dad have a wonderful time together! those memories will last a lifetime!ENJOY!!!
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