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Got one!

Old 11-14-2010, 08:17 PM
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Default Got one!

Finally after 12 years of hunting I shot my first buck! Saturday morning I was hungover, didnt wake up til 720am and woke up my two friends that were hunting on the land I got us permisson on. Well, it was windy and cold and I knew exactly where to set-up cause I have hunted the land years ago. At 8am we got to the haybales looking over corn/hay field and thick brush our buddy that cant hunt did a bleat and then two grunt calls real quick and waited about 5 minutes after 5 he grunted short and we heard a buck grunt back at us, in disbelief we grunted again and he grunted back next thing we know he was coming nose down (cause we sprayed piss) and sniffing clear up til 10 yards in front of us, it was gloomy out so I couldnt tell how big his body was until he got up close. His rack was small but could tell he was an old buck and that he was going down hill in antler size anyways after he started to turn and walk away after looking right at us I had a change in heart, there was just something bout the situation of calling him in and his body size that made me want to shoot him so I ran from behind the bales to the trail he was down and as he went to jump into the brush I shot him right in the heart and through the lung I believe too, anyways he managed to somehow make it 150 yards through thick brush with a big big 7mm mag hole in the side of him. After finding him I started to drag him and realized he was heavy as could be got him to a friends de-boned him and sent
him for summer sausage and jerky

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Old 11-14-2010, 08:22 PM
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Congrats on the deer, looks ot be about 2.5 years old to me, definetly not going downhill. not trying to take away from your trophy because id have shot him too lol.
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lol I thought same thing that you thought, he has lots of gray hair barely has any teeth left and shows tons of signs of aging people said he is 6 at youngest this is coming from several people who have hunted for 30 years plus and all the processors at the place i took it. He is old, looks sort of young in picture tho.
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That's a 1.5 to 2.5 year old buck. He may have had bad teeth from a poor diet, but he doesn't have the distinctive nose or the belly to go with it. Congratulations on a fine first buck!
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good deal man....great story

enjoy, and it will get better and better
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Congrats on the Buck,it is exciting to get your first one for sure. He is your trophey that is all that matters,just like my little 7 last year.
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