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Gun Control help!

Old 11-05-2010, 10:15 PM
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Hi, I am from South Africa, the crime and gun control megga of the world. These two norms are like salt & pepper, you'll always find it together.

Gun control in South Africa is the same as trying to tell a golfer that he may play a round of golf, only using his 3 iron.

The impact of our gun control on us hunters are:
1. You need to get a gun licence, yet it allows that idiot who should never posses a gun, are legally in possession.
2. licencing takes for ever, I am waiting over a year for mine.
3. only allowed either hand or shot gun for selfdefence & 3 additional guns with good motivation. 2 x same caliber very difficult to motivate.
4. hunter who have more than 4 guns need to qualify as "dedicated hunters". Then only may you apply for additional guns, but each one needs to ne motivated, and " because I like the gun" does not qualify.

Yet, it is so easy for a criminal to get a gun, latest is robbing the local cop shop, no licence,no motivation and they have more freedom to do with guns that what I can only dream of.

I feel the effect of gun control every time I see a "must have one of those" guns,,,,,,, you do not want to be here.........

I will support the golfer when they start with "(golf)-driver control", as I think this may be the next best thing to a gun to rob, murder, steal. Baseball is not big over here, and you guys should think ahead.

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thanks guys
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Yea, talk about how there are plenty enough gun laws that they just need to be enforced. Between state law and federal laws if you try to do anything with a gun that is questionable it is illegal. I can only speak for VA but there are plenty of laws that control guns and keep them from the "bad people". The problem is that even the people that get caught and charged get a slap on the wrist. And that assault weapons only account for a small small fraction of gun violence. Most violent crimes are comitted with "toad guns". (small cheap pistols that are easily obtained)
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Im doing a persuasive speech at the college I attend on gun control.
Well so far I have read two different ways of "going with it."

Gun control from an enforcement perspective and gun control from a shooting/accuracy perspective.

Which way did you have in mind?
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