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Ultimate Camo

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Default Ultimate Camo

I have seen some stuff on the ultimate camo i was just asking if anyone has it and how they like it. i am looking for something i can use year round i could really use some help.
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I really like mine. the pattern works great. i use mine in the early season with base layers as it gets colder. when it gets really cold i switch to a heavier suit.
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I do not have personal experience with it, but hopefully can add some info that maybe will help you make an informed decision.

Last I checked, I had 19 full sets of camo not including the 3 sets of Scent-Lok. My favorite camo of all, which is deemed from successful personal experience, is ASAT, ie, All Season All Terrain. It was first brought to my attention several years ago when it first came out. I believe it had over 16,000 hours of field research behind it at the time. It was suppose to be as light as the lightest light and as dark as a the darkest dark one would see in the woods. I've had several people actually see me in the camo and remarked how surprised they were how I was camo'd so well. That was nice, but it was the close encounters with many deer at ground level which turned me onto it. I felt like the invisible man. LOL!

My second favorite was another designer that came out afterwards called Predator Camo. They had a Fall pattern that closely mimicked what ASAT already had out. I had good success with that too.

Then a 3rd pattern came out years later that is one I really like as well. It's called NatGear, ie, Natural Gear. It has a tannish base mixed with shades/swirls of dark.

These 3 camo patterns have one unique thing in common. They are are a camo pattern that don't match any one thing particular in nature. They don't mimic tree bark, brush, pine needles, rocks, forest floor or some light skyline pattern for treestand hunting. They are a pattern made to break up the human silhouette and my personal experience in the field hunting fox, coyote and deer, have shown they do their job well. And I even had a guy walk right by me in broad day light not more than 11 steps from me and I was standing erect about to say something and he looked right through me as he kept on walking by! I was in full ASAT camo.

Now I'm not trying to sell you on these products. I figured I'd add that because I believe Ultimate Camo, simply by looking at it, to be a good "specific" camo for a particular environment... like sitting against a tree turkey hunting, etc. I've only seen a few pictures of it and it's a lighter pattern, of which I prefer in most environments I hunt in and looks to me to be an improved version of the original TreBark below:

...and Ultimate Camo below:

Like with trapping... I like to use the best trap for the job... or one that will suit just fine. Like with shooting... I like to use the best gun for the job... or one that will suit just fine. Same with hunting... I like to use the camo pattern that best suits that particular environment. Say I'm in a Popple tree with no leaves on it in the Fall or Winter. I like to use Predator Grey for that situation. If I'm not high enough, the deer pick out my silhouette, but I don't have them run off. I sit still and they eventually keep walking down the trail. I hunt in pine trees a lot. I like to use Natural Gear with pine needles/branches in the pattern. When I hunt in the snow I use Natural Gear Snow pattern and love ASAT's new 3-D Snow camo.

It can get out of hand for the check book to have so many different camo clothes, so having a pattern that matches multiple situations is a practical and wise investment.

Some things to think about it prior to a camo purchase. Whatever you choose... and to beat the others who will tell you anyway... LOL!...

... "Don't rely on your camo clothes to compensate for a lack of hunting prowess. Learn to hunt properly and you won't need camo. While heck, I used my grandpa's flannel shirt and wore blue jeans for years and killed many a buck too. Just play the wind and you will do good son."

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Agreed. I am a big fan of ASAT. Check out some of the test pics: http://asatcamo.com/2_2_testphotos.htm
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