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Default texting

Do you guys text when your in the wood to help pass time. I started last weekend. It made time pass very fast. If you do and have blackberry messenger add me. 30C72C8D I have found most places will get text msg but no calls
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i usually hunt with a buddy and we text each other all the time and it does help the time pass im thinkin about taking a book in with me friday just cause i havent been seeing any action lately and its getting harder and harder to sit and not see anything.
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the cell phone comes along, but only for emergency purposes or if i need help dragging something out. getting into the woods is a way to get away from most of it... and thats why i try not to text.
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I was thinking this will give different people with the same interest to talk to
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Yes I text all the time from the stand to pass the time. It also helps if you see a shooter that gets by you and might be headed toward your hunting partner. You are right about being able to text when sometimes you cant make a call because of poor signal. Its makes you feel a little safer just in case you need some help.
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If you can email from your phone you can send a test message to another phone without any further charges. I did not wish to pay for texting capabilites because I was getting to many unsoliceted messages that I had to pay for. So now, on my android, I just send an e-mail to someones phone text address and they can answer to my mail. Saves money on my bill. I never could understand getting paid twice for just one message. Once to send it and once on the other end to recieve it. I only want to pay for the ones I send. Can read a book on my phone I just download it before I go into the woods. These *********** are a great accessory if used to your benefit and not the company's benefit. Happy hunting.
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This is my first yr hunting w/ my son and we text quite often, I like to know hes up safe and belted in and down after hunt. We also Just text to pass time I usually take my ipod to stands i can see well out of and just put one earpiece in barely audible It just makes time easier when things are slow If something comes in I just pull earpiece out and take care of business
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I hunt because I enjoy the woods with peace. Clear your head. If I am bored, or just want to pass time, I get out of the stand. If a person is bored, they really got to ask themselves, why they are hunting.

When I first started hunting, I would stay in a stand from 1 hour before sunrise to sunset. It turned into a grind and work. I know it can be productive, but I won't do it anymore, even on a full moon. This is my vacation, I am there to have fun.

I don't mind the ocassion text from a friend who is huntign with you. "seen any deer", or a deer is coming your way. But thats about it. And in fact, I would rather use a radio.

I have no idea why kids like to text. Makes no sense to me. If I have something to say, I call em.
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We don't have cell phone service where I hunt.
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I do text in the stand but it's mainly to and from those of us hunting together. Like bigcountry said, it's things like "seeing anything" or "any luck". NEVER work related stuff or chit chatting with people about dumb stuff.

I do agree, it does help pass the time!
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