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take a dump in the woods?

Old 10-22-2010, 05:07 AM
Typical Buck
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I always carry TP with me and will not hesitate to use it in the woods if nature demands it.
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just when u think u have read it all.
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Well i have not personally taken a crap in the woods while hunting yet but i have heard many people do it and that option is better then baring down on a monster 12 point and then your stomach growls and as you look up after asking your stomach what the hell and seeing the deer halfway across the field after hearing it. Good rule of thumb take a hand full of unscented TP with just encase. You never know when crap happens.
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I had a buddy wearing coveralls one time and he pulled them down to take a dump. When he was done, pulled them up and walked away. It wasn't until he got back to camp and somebody mentioned to him, that he had crapped in the hood of it!

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On a serious note (as serious as this topic can get) I was at a hunting seminar one weekend and this topic came up with the presenter. He stated that it is not that big of a deal as far as the hunting goes. He said that deer can obviously smell crap and urine but they dont' smell enough to tell that it is human and not some animal in the woods. The moral of the story was that pissing or crapping by you blind will not hurt your chances. Deer smell this stuff all of the time. This guy said that is why he never bought cover scents, if he needed it he could piss on his own boots instead of putting fox piss on his boots. The deer won't know the difference.
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I carry two rolls in the truck tool box. Better to have, than have not.
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Originally Posted by MrSmith
do you take dumps in the woods or do you wait until you are at home?
Not only will I poo the woods... I do it in front of fellow hunters and use blaze orange to wipe.
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I can personally tell you that TP is a way better option then pine cones......
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I have. It's soothing and replenishing. Especially with a cool chill.

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I mean it don't get more peacefull than that. crappin in the great outdoors.
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