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Busted? Loud wheeze?

Old 10-14-2010, 02:05 PM
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Default Busted? Loud wheeze?

I have heard them do it before but when a deer wheezes very loud almost like a whistle or shreak is that a warning? I heard it today behind me. Could not see the deer but they scared the hell out of me. Am I busted? Will other deer anywhere near pretty much clear out?
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Old 10-14-2010, 02:13 PM
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Flambeau makes a snort call. Supposedly if you snort back, they will not always leave. I tried on a buck and it got him to stick around for a few but eventually left. Might be the difference though in a pinch.

You basically don't have anything to lose on that one.

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Old 10-14-2010, 02:31 PM
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You've been busted! Most deer will "blow" when they have smelled you and are giving a warning to all deer within hearing. You can usually fool a deers eyes and ears but not his nose! I have had some luck with the scent elimination products on the market. It will mask my odor but they still smell something they don't like although they will not "blow". If they do, I need to wash my clothes.
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More often than not other deer clear out, if they do come back or out they will be on high alert I ususally just sit still, the damage is already done if you star moving around they will be run out of the area just sit still you do have a chance they will come back, small but still a chance. When I hunted this property a couple years ago there was a doe that would "blow" and run the other deer off the cornpile then she would walkout this went for about 3 weeks before I got a good shot.

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Will deer blow for other reasons also? I had 5 or 6 doe in front of me the other night and one of them kept "blowing". They never left the field though and a small buck actually joined them afterwards. I was even down wind of them. What else would have made her "blow" like that??
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They will blow if they smell coyotes, dogs or anything else that alarms them. Sometimes they will run, sometimes they don't.
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Originally Posted by cal516
...they scared the hell out of me...
LOL! Welcome to the deer woods!

Yes, the term is called "blowing", like a sharp whistle through their nose. I find it happens the most when they've smelled something they don't like. I've also seen them blow when they've caught a glimpse of me moving, but then I stop and they can't make me out. Most likely because I was wearing ASAT or Predator's copy of it. If you stay still there long enough, there's a good chance they will quit staring in your direction and go about their business.

It doesn't necesarily mean you're busted. You can wait it out and see what happens. Often you'll see the whole group get a little stiff from the commotion and sometimes, not often, they get over it rather quick.

If you want to hear the "blowing" or some call it "snort", check out the YouTube link below:


Good luck this year! And be safe to hunt another day.

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I have made the blowing sound without a call and had it work when a doe hangs out in the same area blowing. It seems to settle them down and they go on about their business. Whenever I have had a doe blow loud and usually only once or keeps blowing going away, then you have been busted and they probably aren't coming back.
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Thanks for all the feedback and glad some of you got a chuckle out of them scaring the hell out of me. I had heard it before when I had a group of about 10 around my stand and I shot one with a bow. It pretty much sent them scattering and I could quite a few doing it. I figured it meant danger and clear out. I have seen a lot of jump and get spooked but hang out and/or circle back but when they blow I figure it's game over.
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I've been blown on manyyy occasions in the woods (by deer) lol. This takes me back to a food plot I hunt on some power lines behind my house back home. I remember walking in on cold Mornings where you can here everything for miles and Be almost to my stand when I heard them deers blowin me once again. Goshhh Dang It!!! Are you serious!?? Again? Ya, most of the time that spoiled it for my hunting but on a few occasions I just sat there and could see them walking across the powerlines away from me under the moon light. They also made a blowing noise that wen't Cheaaauw......... Cheaaaaawh ...cheawh.. Cheawh. cheawh! It was like right after one another, It almost sounded like the deer was running away as he was blowing. Hmmm thats something that has always made me wonder. But the regular blow I considered it pretty much a done deal. I've blown back before and they stuck around for a few but ended up leaving the area before I could do anything.
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