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60 yd shot on a deer

Old 09-28-2010, 08:54 AM
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40 yards is my max as well. I read an article along while back that stated the maximum hitting power of most all bows is between 30 and 35 yards. After that it is all down hill from there. I am not sure how true it is. But I have always went by that rule. I also have heard alot about those longer shots losing more deer than getting..Just not worth it to me..
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My comfort zone is in the 40 yard range. I have never needed to shoot any further that any ways.
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Old 09-29-2010, 11:12 AM
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60 yards sounds like a good way to gut shoot a deer. You might be able to hit a target consistently but a lot can happen in 60 yards.

Sound travels roughtly 1100 feet per second and no bow is going to be that fast. Ever watched a slow motion bow shot at a deer. Even at 15 or 20 yards the deer will start to duck to start running. I wont shoot past 30. Even 30 is iffy to me and prefer 20 or less.

You might get lucky at long rangeson a white tail but ts irresponisble IMO.
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targets don't move at 60 yards
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I will only shot out to 40 yards.
In the video of the 100 yard shots, did you hear how long it took the arrow to hit the target.
That is a year for the deer to move from the sound of the bow or anything else.
Plus that is a shot in a wide open field, the arc of the arrow at that distance might be ten feet.
You need large/higher shooting lanes ( more height ) the further you shoot.
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I guess if you were comfortable wiht a 60 yard shot. Personally for me it would defeat the purpose of why I bow hunt. For me 40 yds is too far and that has nothing to do with ability.
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Originally Posted by DCFD3512
Not to completely disagree because I really don't think I'd ever take a 60 yd shot at a living animal either but in competitions guys are shooting 80 yds consistently. I hunt field edges a lot so a 50 yd shot is a common debate.
I see what your saying, I have a couple field edge stands and 60 yards looks closer then it really is.
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I shoot the Bowtech Extreme VFT. I consistently hit and win alot of bets at hunting camps hitting tops of beer cans that have been placed on there sides at 60 yards. That being said it is kinda like a long drive contest in that it looks cool, but how practical.

You may be able to hit the target at that range, but way to many things can happen IMHO to make a 60 yard shot ethical. I will shoot at 45 yards, after that even a relaxed deer can react before the arrow nails it.
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Really it has nothing to do with the bow it is the ability of the shooter. 60 yards on a deer in a field if you practice that far and further. I limit myself to 30 yards and almost all of my shots over the years have been under 25 yards.
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At 60 yards the pin takes up the whole chest on the deer. How do you pick a spot.

Plus, they can jump the string way to easily.
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