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Busted By Doe

Old 09-18-2010, 05:17 PM
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Mr. Deer Hunter, that reminds me of something that happened several years ago. I was having a stand of timber thinned and the man running the chainsaw felling trees had a tree rock back on his saw with the wind. He went up the hill to get a skidder to push the tree of the saw and when he walked back down to the still running saw there was an 8 point smelling of the saw.
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Last year I had this spot that I would go to for an afternoon hunt. Going in a good percentage of the time I would spook deer. There was just no way to get in without spooking some especially when you’re walking on potato chips the whole time. Because I was in full camo I don't think they really knew what I was and they definitely did not get wind of me but they saw enough movement to take off. Well what in learned is that these particular deer and it could be and usually was 10-15 of them would come right back within a couple of hours. Going in I would see them run right up the mountain and then come back. I could not believe it but it happened several times. So you never know what they will do but I agree with GregH it depends how badly they are spooked.
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Depends on how much corn I add to the bait pile orhow hungry they get after the fact.
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I think ur good. I was in a stand last night and had deer blowing at a racoon. I think deer are used the each other blowing at stuff.
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Old 09-19-2010, 06:51 AM
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Exactly what PY Antlers said. Ive had them blow me in the stand and then come in 45 minutes later to be turned into sausage. If they didnt recognize you as a threat, only as something different or moving, they will watch you leave and be ok.
We had deer coming to the corn plies back in the sumer almost as soon as the corn hit the ground.
If you are getting rain, unlike us, you can travel more without as much impact. A couple of my stand locations had blood spilled over them last weekend and they still havent recovered. Im hoping the deer will feel more at ease this week.
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