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A big bucks home range?

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Default A big bucks home range?

My father in law saw two deer that he says would score over 200 (so probably 150) running together on the road my hunting property is on this morning. I set my odometer and these deer were 1.2 miles from the property I hunt on. I know aything can happen, but what is the true range of a mature deer? And has anyone seen a deer in that situation and had him show up during season? Thanks for any insight im hoping for some success stories.
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You are def in his range!!! I had a monster on camera last year behind my house. While spotting during the rut, I saw him multiple times 2.1 miles away (as a crow flies) and then behind the house again after that. Sad part is, we found him dead this spring 75 yards from my tree stand. He was hit by a car during the winter months before dropping his antlers. I just pray he kept a good bloodline going.
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They wander a long ways. I have pic's of 3 shooters on our farm and they have been seen 1 1/2 miles away several times in the last two months. Kinda narrows my chance at getting a chance at them before the other guy but they made it this far so who knows.........
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Many square miles, and it will depend on the time of year, rut, food, pressure, etc. A few years ago we had an unusual rack buck on camera and less than a week later one of the guys I hunted with shot him close to 2.5 miles away.
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Originally Posted by timbercruiser View Post
Many square miles, and it will depend on the time of year, rut, food, pressure, etc.
Agreed. They have a large area they roam within a few acres, but depending on the time of year, will stick to a home range of 150 acres. We all know bucks bachelor up in the Spring & Summer, but as we get into Fall and territorial pre-rut activity begins, they split up. Many times changing their home ranges. Some deer will travel a few miles if necessary.
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Like previously said I think it has to do with the terrain, food, pressure, time of year etc. I had seen a big 8 multiple times back in 2005, actually jumped him going to my stand, 5 days later myself and 2 friends put a stalk on him and my friend ended up killing him almost 5 miles away (during the rut). He wasa 154 inch 8 point with a 22 inch spread, so we know it was the same deer, not to many of that caliber running around that area.
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just find the does and hunt by them and the Bucks will come to you
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All depend on the ground but certainly bug bucks can spend different seasons in different core areas ie summer feeding patter versus fall cover/doe/safety. I hunted a mature buck last fall I got trail pics of in a good 2 1/2-3 mile square block. Even with the perfect property bucks will tned to roam at certain times but if you have a godo chunck and it has the ket ingredients you can hold them pretty well
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May have to kill one of them before the rut because you never know where they may end up during the rut. One of the best times to kill a big buck is early season if yo can pattern them on their feed. You usually will only have a couple of days you can kill them after you pattern them though.
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