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over hunting

Old 09-15-2010, 02:11 PM
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Default over hunting

So i was looking for some input on over hunting an area. Last season i hunted a small 20ac tract of woods that we own probably 15-20 times out of the same stand. We own quite a bit of woods but that little 20ac piece was a hot spot and i hunted the same stand every time and walked down the same trail everytime to get to the stand and it never affected the deer a bit. When i hunt our other pieces of property it seems like im always hunting the same stands. I know they preach to us about changing locations and only hunting a stand when the wind is right but to me that seems stupid to not hunt because the wind isnt right. What do some of you guys do that have limited property to hunt?
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I often have the same question. I hunt a natural funnell and have trails meeting up from all directions. My trail camera has deer coming from all directions at all hours of the day. How do I wait for the wind to be right? Im not sure what trail to judge the wind with.
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I too am interested in some other opinons. I like to pretty much hunt only 2 or 3 spots all the time. of course its not every day I hunt an average of 2 days a week, sometime I will hunt for a week straight.
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Old 09-15-2010, 05:23 PM
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I have the same...situation. Not really a problem...haha. But anyways I enjoy hunting for the hunt of the game, not to strive for the biggest one possible. Just to enjoy it...so to me, wind honestly doesn't matter too much. (To an extent)
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I still somewhat take wind into affect but there have been times the wind has switched on me and i have still seen deer. I mean honestly how can you hunt the wind, deer dont always come from the same direction.
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Same problem on a 30 acre parcel I hunt up the road. If I know there is mature buck in there, then I will avoid sitting my stands when the wind isn't right. I have a couple other parcel I'll hunt those days.
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good question y'all and a tough one to answer. i can only offer my opinion to ya which may or may not help.

down&out if you know for sure that the deer aren't affected by you in that small 20 acre area then there is no problem doing what you're doing. keep in mind though by staying down wind is best for them not to wind your scent and using the same trail in and out they will be able to pattern you alot easier. you should always try to keep the wind in your face whether you're walking to your spot or sitting in your stand. the older bigger deer are much wiser than the younger ones and can wind and pattern you alot easier. you also said that you have quit a bit of more woods. you could be missing out on other great spots so don't always count on your one 20 acre hot spot. i would suggest investing in several trail cams and scouting more in the rest of your woods. all deer change their patterns

huntingtherut- for each trail that you have try and find a spot for each one so that when the wind is blowing use the spot that has the wind blowing in your face and away from the trail. and remember to try and walk into the wind walking to your spot.

night crawler- it's hard to give you a good answer or opinion with what little info you gave. don't know how much land you have to hunt but hunting a week straight can be alot of pressure for 2-3 spots but not if you are using the wind to your advantage. again like i said above try to keep the wind in your face walking to your spot and in your spot or blowing away from where they are coming.

i hope this helps y'all out and i'm sure other members will give ya some more and possibly better advice. good luck to ya and happy hunting!
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Oh i hunt my other ground we have a little over 300 ac. of woods and i have a few trail cameras out. Its just hard tryng to take care of them this time of year when were in the fields all day. Usually when im scouting and checking cams or hanging stands its done in a rain coat. But this year the harvest is going smooth so im hoping to get some more time to hunt.
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