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Hunting Spot Problem

Old 08-30-2010, 11:01 AM
Fork Horn
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Default Hunting Spot Problem

I have been scounting a area for about a year and had the perfect spot overlooking a ridge that deer have been using all year round. All of a sudden property owner decided he didnt want treestands because other people were putting them up without permission. Now I have to use a blind and from the ground the wind direction is wrong and from other side of ridge there is too many trees (no shooting lanes). So I moved down the hill and found a intersection of game trails with some deer scat and tracks with the wind in a more favorable direction. What else can I do?

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Old 08-30-2010, 11:55 AM
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Use a climber so you can take it in & out as needed.
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Old 08-30-2010, 12:16 PM
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Default What's going to happen

when those deer scent those left behind blinds?
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Originally Posted by White Falcon
Yeah .... ??????????????
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Originally Posted by StealthHtr22
Use a climber so you can take it in & out as needed.
I agree with Stealthhtr22, ask the land owner if he would allow you to use a climbing tree stand and assure him that the stand will only be in there when you are in there. Also if the other area you are using for the ground blind is a good spot stick with it, be sure not to over use it though or the deer will pattern you very quickly.
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Ask him if you can use a climber and also offer to take those stands down for him and haul away. That will get his appreciation and will also stop those guys. If they snuck in long enough to build em they can sneak in long enough to hunt em. The less hunters the more deer for you right?
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I have no issue hunting from the ground. Play the wind and the thermals too if you have terrain. I've shot lots of deer stillhunting. Adapt and overcome.
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Originally Posted by UncleNorby
I have no issue hunting from the ground. Play the wind and the thermals too if you have terrain. I've shot lots of deer stillhunting. Adapt and overcome.

x2!!!! what few years i been hunting........
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Although I enjoy using my ground blind, I also enjoy finding a nice hunting lane, putting my hunting chair infront of a tree, then place some natural ground foliage both in front as well as behind where I will be sitting.I think some forget to put up some foliage behind them. By adding this in, it definitely assists in breaking up your outline. Little hint that has worked for me. Best of luck with your hunt this year.
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