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Unemployed Hunters

Old 08-26-2010, 10:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Down&OutHunting
Im not unemployed but i dont get to work like i would want to. Im in my last year of college and its hard to go when all your friends either went to just a 2 yr school or didnt go at all and theyre all working and buying new things but hopefully itll pay off in the end for me. And like my dad always used to tell me everything happens for a reason so just look for the better in life. God may have bigger and better plans for you in the future.
Hang in there. Those friends that didn't go to school at all may be working for you in the future.
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I'm not unemployed but I'm making about 1/3 of what I normaly make. It's tough right now.

Good luck to everyone else that is having hard times!!
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I'm currently unemployed but I do keep busy on the side to make enough money to get by. it's been hard this past year to keep up with everything. Really pinchin penny's this hunting season to make things work.

Hopefully I'll get some meat on the table this season to help out a little with groceries.
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Old 08-26-2010, 02:52 PM
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This will be my second fall of being laid off. We own and operate a farm as well but that hasn't been doing well for years. About 8 years ago I went to work for a log home company, got laid off in Jan. of 09'. Makes for a great hunting season, but I have to really pinch my pennies to be able to hunt where and when I want. Can't find a job thats worth taking, so been doing a lot of cash jobs and a street corner every once and awhile........
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Jus t remeber how you feel when November 2 comes around. That's OUR DAY to begin fixing the real problem of why people are loosing their jobs. DO NOT VOTE for OBAMA or his LIBERAL IDIOT friends.
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I was in the same boat almost 2 years ago this coming Nov. Not to sound negative but if you can sit in a stand after losing a job and it nor bother you more power to you. I couldn't even get out of bed some days. I spent the gun opener dwelling on the "what ifs" while deer after deer walked by my stand. My advice is to find something for work now. Don't be like my couple of friends who love to hunt and stayed on unemployment for over 2 years because anything they could find wouldn't pay what uneployment bennies were paying. Keep your head up and look to brach out in your current industry. Do you know how to repair the parts of car washing machines?
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I don't thnk spending time dwelling on anything is going to fix the problem. Atleast you can do is get out there and try and enjoy yourself. Money isn't everything and people have seen ALOT worse times then these.

If change is desired then something has to be done at the top. Come time to vote make sure you know EXACTLY what and who your voting for. Obama has pretty much ruined our econmy along with big business's like oil companies. Handing out money like treats on haloween to people who don not need it is not the way to solve things.

As said above do your part and vote for someone that can make a difference not just fatten the pockets of themselves and their liberal business partners.
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In 2002 the factory where I worked closed down, so I went back to school and got my RN degree. That turned out to be the good thing for me. Spent 3 1/2 years in school, summers and all to get it. Now I work in two different ER's, hope this is a career I will have from here on out. Cant see it moving to Mexico, at least I hope not.
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Way to go gregRN43,my wife is a RN has been for 25 years and I can appreciate what a challenge that was and is for you. You will never regret geting in that field, RN's are in demand all the time. I live near Louisville KY and this area is a major medical hub for the region. That took some grit and hard work to get that Degree.GOD bless your future taking care of hurting people,a good Nurse makes a tough situation a lot less difficult. Take care!
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Default Being an unemployed hunter

is a lot better than being a trapped miner in Peru.
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