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Moon Phases

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Default Moon Phases

I have only been deer hunting for a few years and this will mark my first season hunting with a bow. I have always hunted during rifle season in WI and I have now found access to land in MO. Should I schedule my hunt around moon phases or just hope the rut will take place during the first week or so of November

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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Do some research and find out when the rut typically happens in your area. It won't vary more than a week from year to year, regardless of the weather or moon phase. It's gonna happen close to the same time no matter what.
Abnormal heat, heavy hunting pressure may alter their patterns towards more night time activity, but during the rut I have found the moon has little or no effect.
Actually the full blown rut is never my favorite time to hunt no matter what the conditions are. Many of the bucks are already locked down with does, and moving very little. They find a secure safe place and tend to stay there.
I would much rather hunt the last few days leading up to the rut, while most of the bucks are still on their feet and covering lots of ground.
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In my opinion the weather is a way bigger factor on deer movment than moon phase. I think the only time it is really a factor is when you have perfect weather and a full moon at night. But even then if its the rut, the bucks are on there feet 24/7. So there again, does it really matter? I use the simply philosophy that you can't kill'em on the couch.
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Plan it for the peak pre rut if you want to see some action. Full blown rut will have bucks locked down in some thick stuff with their doe that is in etrus and they won't move much at all.
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even though i've only been hunting around 5-6yrs, in my experiences concerning hunting the moon phases have hardly made any difference.(all season not just the rut) so now i don't even pay much if any attention to it. maybe it's just my area
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i think you can hunt on any moon phase, they just change the times of day that you choose to hunt/see deer if you hunt all day
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I've killed some my better bucks during full moon phases myself.
It may affect deer movement somewhat,so tree stand hunting may be affected but weather patterns and wind movement are a bigger factor
to take onto consideration.If it's really really hot I hunt the northern exposure sides and up high. It's really really cold I still hunt high but on the southern exposure sides of the mountain.Where I hunt, these big big bucks don't come off the high country till there is 8ft of snow and the temp hits some sub zero like -20.
Maybe just change your strategy.

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Great Question...

I know the moon phase has a HUGE difference when bass fishing ..the best days are the 4 days prior to the new and full moon..I was also wondering how this affected hunting
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