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what do you think?

Old 06-17-2003, 09:47 PM
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Default what do you think?

this year my idea is to carry in a nice seat up off the ground so my butt is not in the snow or cold ground all day and a backpack for my lunch extra clothes and all my other supplies and sit there ALL day waiting for a nice buck....all day the next day too if i have to.....but we have orange regs....250 inches of orange one head chest and back combined......i wear a blaze orange camo jacket and a orange hat......would my pack which will more then likely be camo(havent bought one yet) be illegal or what?? maybe put it under my jacket? the pack wont be huge...not even the size of a school bookbag...just enough for what i need...orange has to be visible in 360 degrees...it will be.....above below and all around the pack.....what do you think?? play it safe and put the jaket on over the pack? i mean i am in PA where most guys carry lever guns or " pa machine guns" aka remington 760 pump guns and unload into most anything that looks like a deer....sounds like a real war once the crack of dawn is around on the monday after thanksgiving...what would you do?? also anyone know of a good seat like i described?? i was thinking one of them turkey hunting ones you see in the stores and all the TV wannabes using...are the comfortable?? im looking for comfort....sitting in 6 inches of snow last year in 15-20 degree weather was a killer....thanx
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Default RE: what do you think?

I' m assuming you' ll be hunting in Pennsylvania but the laws here in Utah are very similar. I wear a camo pack over my orange and never had a problem. Its about the size of a normal school bookbag. I' ve been stopped by game wardens to check tags while in the field and they' ve never said a word. You can still see quite a bit of orange from the back assuming you have a vest like mine that completely covers the shoulders.
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Default RE: what do you think?

Well, considering you' re actually concerned for your safety more than the law (from your post, it seems that way), I would suggest buying one of those cheap nylon flourescent vests. That way, you don' t have to worry about putting the bag under the jacket, you' ll just have to flap that light vest over the top of it.

If you' re only concerned about whether it' s legal, yes, no worries. You can have the bag on top of the jacket and it' ll still be legal.

As for the bucket seats... as with anything else, they get painful after 5-6 hours. I don' t have any experience with different brands, sorry.
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Old 06-18-2003, 06:45 AM
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Default RE: what do you think?

When hunting areas where I feel there may be other hunters I don' t know, like you I am concerned with my own safety, I always wear an orange hat that is visible 360 degrees during black powder and gun season. As far as a seat goes I have a folding camo seat with a back that I can sit in all day and I am an old man, I don' t remember the brand or model, I will let you know when I go out to my truck later and let you know. The other nice thing about this seat is it has a nice storage bag that hangs right under the seat when opened.
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Default RE: what do you think?

We have orange regs in Ontario as well. All blaze, no camo.

We we walk into our watch, I sport a backpack as well. I bought a red one just to make sure it was as bright as possible. It' s a bit of a technical question, but I always take it off once I reach my stand and set it on the ground. I don' t carry it if I' m dogging because I overheat. So, really there' s not a major issue in my eyes.

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Default RE: what do you think?

thanx guys...that helps.......i know alot of visible orange will be there...the jaket is full blaze camo....and the hat is full orange....ill see how i look...i should be ok..the pack wont be big i dont need a big one....o ya..the seat as to be easy to carry....i walk about 2 miles into my spot and drag the same 2 miles out.....only out more of it is slightly uphill......do them turkey seats i talked about do the legs fold in?? that would be nice i could put it on or in my pack some how.....i guess i gota goto a store and play with some seats for a while when they get their fall shipments in which nowing the stores should be soon lol......thanx guys....
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Default RE: what do you think?

As to sitting - I have a really tiny, cheap light weight three leg tool that I carry duck hunting, etc. Mine doesn' t have a back to it, but my friend has a very similar stool with a back rest - this isn' t the folding chair you see at the soccer games - it is really much tinier and lighter weight and pretty darn light. Probaby costs $10. Much more comfy than a bucket and easy to carry strapped to a pack. I' m pretty sure you could find one in camo - search sites like Cabelas for " stool" - I see they have something similar to what I' m trying to describe in camo, and I would think most large retail outdoors stores would have them.

As for carrying a camo backpack: If you' re worried about legalities, it' s probably not a problem if it' s small. If you' re like me and paranoid about safety on public land, I' d just go ahead buy an orange back pack or large belt pack. You can get cheapos for $20, deluxe for as much as you want to spend. I like lots of pockets so I don' t have to make noise rummaging for stuff I' m looking for. You could also buy a blaze cover for any pack from Cabelas, or cover it with your jacket, but that would make it less accessable. I feel really uncomfortable giving the wackos any view of anything but blaze when I' m walking through public land during rifle season. It only takes one careless shot! - zeke
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Default RE: what do you think?

If the hunters are out there like you described, I would not worry about buying anything camo. You would need sunglasses to be around me. I would be covered from head to toe with Blaze Orange. As for the turkey hunting " Strut Seat" , they are much more comfortable than sitting on the ground and getting a wet rear end.
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Default RE: what do you think?

" Better safe than sorry," put the pack under your coat. By the way, not all of us PA hunters unload on everything that looks like a deer. I, for one, am a very ethical and patient hunter. Speak for yourself. You are right, though, in the fact that it sounds like a mini-war on the first day. The good part is you can start to fall asleep, then when you hear a shot really close, you can look up and deer are almost always running your way.
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