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Your hunting season

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Default Your hunting season

Hope everyone had a good hunting season. Mine was great. I got a OLD 5 point that dressed out at 150+Lb. and a NICE 9 point that was about 135+Lb. Ken
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My first few days of ML season was disaster. Had a problem trying to ignite my loads in two different guns. The weather was very wet and this may have contributed to my problem.

However once I got going I ended up filling five of my six tags. I got a nice eight point and five point that both dressed out to about 130lbs. I also got one nice large doe that dressed out to 95 lbs. The last doe was about 75 lbs. dressed. I ended up with three for the freezer and gave two away to a friend. I have to say that I saw more deer this year on a new hunt club property then ever before. Have a look:

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Went to Wyoming and came home with a little forky...bad winter kill. Then nothing here in California, had some chances on little guys but wanted to let them grow another few years...all in all not very good.
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I had a stellar year. I killed a 150 inch 9 point that dressed 209 lbs and a 22 inch wide 8 point that went 176 lbs dressed. Then in the late season I killed and 8 point that just missed P&Y with my bow.

Here is my 8 point with my bow.

150 inch 9 point 209 dressed

22 inch inside spread 8 point, 176 dressed

I also killed a bunch of doe's and a spike sika stag.. It was a great year.
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I had a pretty decent year. I killed 8 with the ML and 1 with the rifle. This was my first year hunting with the ML and boy I am glad I gave it a go cuz my rifle season sucked big time.

Nice bucks, bambeklr! Where did you get your stag? I am assuming either Dorchester Co., MD or Chincoteague?
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My season went fine. Took plenty for my freezer plus some for family and friends. I killed a weird racked buck. I intended to take a photo in the field but is was just pouring cats and dogs at the time. When I get the plaque mount back, I photo it and put it here. I've named it the "Coming and Going" buck. It seems to have been an older buck .... probably 4 1/2-5. One side faces backwards ..... it is 180 deg. reverse of what is normal! Fun part for me was that I "guided" one of my best buddies to a fine 10 pointer. I had seen great looking buck sign in that general area and was so happy when he bagged it ... with one of my muzzle loaders at that!
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I guess I cannot complain, I did not get any bucks but I did get 2 does and one of them was the biggest female I have ever shot. I did not weigh her but she would have field dressed out at it least 150lb. One of the biggest deer I have ever shot.
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Originally Posted by chipchippy View Post
Hope everyone had a good hunting season. Mine was great. I got a OLD 5 point that dressed out at 150+Lb. and a NICE 9 point that was about 135+Lb. Ken

What State do you hunt? Just curious to see what this "old 5 point" looks like? Have any photos?
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marshy hope, I killed the spike sika stag in virginia on the island. He was 65 lbs and the spikes were 8 inches.

We didnt do to bad down there.
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Pretty good..
Killed 6 total between bow and gun (4 bow 2 gun).
Spike, 4 point, large 8 point, 3 doe....
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