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Who's deer should this be?

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Default Who's deer should this be?

Hunter A shoots a deer while hunting by himself.He hits the buck low from the shoulder hitting it more high in the leg.He tracks it to private where he then calls hunter B a friend to help him blood trail the buck.They get o.k. to blood trail the buck and are tracking it side by side when they both spot the buck bedded down.The buck is more on hunters B side and shoots it in its bed not to take the chance of losing the buck.Just curious as to what you would do in this situation.Is it hunter A first blood or hunter B kill shot?
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Being as he was there to "help" Hunter A, why would he then want to claim it as his own?
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a all the way
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If I was A I would say B. If I was B I would say A.
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Originally Posted by White-tail-deer View Post
If I was A I would say B. If I was B I would say A.
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Happened to me one time ,it was my first deer my friend was hunting not even 100 yards away and I was about 9 years old and I was using a 410 with a buckshot and I saw it shot it and made a fatal hit on the little buck and then my friend or my so called friend saw it and shot it 2 times with a 20ga. buckshot and he claimed it and it pissed me off so bad I have never talked to him again.
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Easy... It's A!

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It belongs to A as he was helping B. However, clearly given the time involved between the shot and finding it bedded A did not make a vital hit. If A had shot it and it ran onto another property, and hunter C shot it while it was still on its feet, C would have every right to claim it.

I don't believe in "first blood". If you can't shoot good enough to put it down the first time you lose your "rights" to it.

One year I saw a buck run through the woods in front of me but could not get a shot. Five minutes later I heard a shot 1/4 mile away on the neighbor's, figured he'd shot it. Ten minutes later I see the buck coming back up the woods on the other side of me (it had run in a very long loop around me). I got up and stalked it, found it bedded down and shot it. I did not notice that it had indeed already been shot so I tagged it and left it lay to go get the UTV. Well I'd been back up at the farm for 30min getting the gear together to retrieve it and the neighbor shows up, mad as hell that I'd tagged HIS deer (he'd tracked in onto our property WITHOUT our permission and located it with my tag on it). Turns out he shot it in the butt from 30 yards. I told him if the best he could do at 30 yards was shoot it in the butt, he had no right to the deer.

Once I had a hangfire with my muzzleloader and made a bad shot on a buck, hit him in the leg. I tracked him for 3-4 miles before I finally put him down, passing a dozen empty deer stands. I was HOPING someone would put him down, to end it. I would have congratulated them and told them it was their deer, after a bad shot I did not deserve it.
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A, all the way.
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