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Pretty cool story

Old 12-21-2009, 06:02 PM
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Default Pretty cool story

This weekend I asked my uncle if he had seen the albino doe that comes out in the neighbors field. I had seen it twice so far. Turns out there is 3 of them. The mom is a piebald with two albino fawns. My uncle drives past the farm every day on his way to work and he said he has been seeing them all summer and again on Wednesday, usually once a week. He also told me that the herd of 3 was down to 2. Someone had shot one of the fawns that was a button buck.
The cool thing is the guy that leases the property has had many opportunities to shoot any of these deer but he enjoys watching them and didn't shoot them. Season is over now and two of them made it through. Hopefully the doe got breed and some of her offspring migrate the 1/4 mile to my family farm.
Just thought I would share
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I think it's cool as well. I've yet to see an albino in any animal in the woods. And I spent a LOOOOOOOOONG time in the woods too! LOL! Oh, one of my closest friends, whom I met as a child, I had thought was an albino. Does that count?

If albino deer were legal around here, I'd have a hard time shooting it, but think I would. Why? Because I firmly believe with the amount of hunters around here, if I didn't shoot, someone else would... and it might as well be me. Still, not sure if I would "want" to. ?? They are such a rarity and beautiful animal.

Just have to keep your fingers crossed and see what comes around this spring. If you have coyotes there, they kill a lot of fawns, so if you do some trapping, snaring or calling to thin them out, it just may help the deer there.

Good luck seeing more in the spring!

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That's very interesting. keep us posted
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A few years back a white deer came to my stand. I only saw her once and one of my guys saw her. I'm not sure, though. It was real foggy and I couldn't get a real good look at her. I know she had a tag in her ear so I think she was escaped from a high fence near by. Whether she was a white-tail doe or something else, like a fallow or something, I don't know. I didn't want to shoot her. I had hoped she would show up on a clearer day but I never saw her again.
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