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Default Windy conditions

When it's windy do deer like the timber cover, open areas, bottoms or top of the ridges?
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I am knew to hunting but I will take a shot at this one.

I don't think deer care if its windy when they are feeding. They feed in open areas down here where I live.
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Depends on area, time, temp, rut, moon, pressure.
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Deer (mulies & blacktails) don't like heavy wind, check the back side of the mountain (out of the wind), below the ridge or at the base of trees where they can see a ways and have a ready escape route. GOOD binoculars and a spotting scope are generally your ticket to success. The bright side is strong wind will often obscure your scent and cover noise. (and it depends on temp., weather, moon, pressure, etc)
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i have hunted all over north america and the worst time for deer hunting is on a windy day ..rain or snow does not bother them as much as windy days ..BUT there are exceptions and deer sometimes surprize even me ..
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