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Default What calls are working now??

well i have limited days to hunt and i was curious which calls are working at this time of the season....i have a pair of horns i could rattle, a grunt tube and a bleat can....the grunt tube sounds nothing like the ones online or on tv and im not sure why...any input is appreciated
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I NEVER hunt without a grunt and snort wheeze call. That being said, I rarely like to blind call. There is just far to great of a chance that ANY mature deer will circle downwind of the callers location and ruin your hunt. Instead, I prefer to call only to deer I can see and READ so I know exactly what more I need to do to bring 'em in close. This time of the season you just never know a bucks reaction to calling but it can change by the hour. Good luck and good huntin'
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Had two bucks come in on me last weekend to the can call. I love that call. Fortunately and unfortunately they were both very young bucks so they came in up wind. heh
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