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My Indy buck, best ever!

Old 11-18-2009, 11:42 AM
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Default My Indy buck, best ever!

Kind of a short story....Since I was tagged out in MI for the year, I decided to run south and hunt with some family in IN for gun opener. Opening morning predawn I was covered with deer as I patiently waited for the sun to come up...as it got light I heard a deer running my way with some grunting, I got my gun up as a doe blasted by me at about 10 yards with a busted up 2 y.o. 8 pt on her tail. Right at that moment another deer pops out of the corn to my right to see what was going on. I turn my head and see it is a forkhorn. The 2 yo hit the brakes, postured, seemed to forget his girlfriend, and started walking towards the forkie. As he passed within feet of my ladder he let out a snort wheeze and lunged at the forkhorn. After he beat the living crap outta the forkie; running him back into the corn, he made a scrape and picked up his girlfriend's trail. About 5 minutes later the forkie comes out of the corn and snuck off to the east, tail tucked. Another 5 minutes later the 2 yo comes back by cruising for another doe. I decided to have a cup of coffee and blew a grunt sequence after about 10 minutes or so of quiet around me. At 8:02 about 5 minutes after the grunt sequence I hear something behind me, I slowly turn my head and see long G2's and 3's on a right antler coming down the ridge my way. I pulled up my Disc rifle and get the crosshairs on him as he closed the distance. Finally at 12 yards he is in an opening and i squeeze the trigger. I saw him buck up and bound back to the west about 50 yards. He stopped, stood there for a few seconds then staggered sideways into the corn. 25 minutes later after chilling out and making a few exited phone calls I put my hands on this guy!!! The coolest thing was my sister shot an absolute monster IMO on a farm a few miles north of me at the exact same moment!!! Was a Hoosier opener to remember!!!

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Since people are going to ask, here's my sister's buck.....
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Looks like you guys have had a great season... CONGRATS to you and your sis!!!
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Congratulations all around! Awesome bucks!!!
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That's awesome. 2 very nice bucks. Congrats to you both.
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those both are some monster bucks. congrats and nice job to the both of you
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congratulations!!two awsome buck
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Both great buck. Congrats to you both!
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Very nice bucks.......Congrats to both of you!
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That's a great 4x4and your sis is a lot better looking than you. LOL Great bucks and glad you enjoyed your self.
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