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Help if u can...i need it

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Harvesting from the wild?


I think this is precisely the principle that state game officials use in figuring game limits, seasons, etc. It's considered a harvest--a taking of the fruits of the earth for use and consumption. The difference between that and something like farming is that the producer is not the same as the harvester. That doesn't mean it isn't a harvest.

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I haven't hunted many whitetail to be honest but it'd depend on the weapon and how open the country is. Bow, i'd say transition areas from bed to feed. find a couple of good trails that are being used and set a treestand by them. Rifle or muzzleloader I'd say feeding areas would be a better bet. Find a good vantage point and hold tight. Dress warm cuz you'll be sitting for a while I hope to one day get my hands on a big whitetail myself. Good luck to ya
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I don't know what the temp is like in VA in late Dec but you ain't gonna have fun if you are cold out there. If you don't have a pair a very warm boots, beg, borrow or steal a pair. Dress warm and try not to sweat on your way to your stand. Bring a bunch of hand warmers and ask the boys for something to sit on.
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If you see 1,and hes close enough,PUT THE PETAL 2 DA METAL!!!!!!!!!If hes close enough he ain't got a chance!!!!!!Works every single time for me,LMAO!!!!!!!! jokin
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Originally Posted by bowfly
loaded post...best advice i can give, hunt the sign, look for bedding area to feeding area transition...it will be later in the year, so this will help...ask locals/your buddy's buddies, they should be willing to help...don't rule out scents and calling...don't know what the ground will be like, or if you are rifle/muzzle/archery hunting...but deer drives help to see numbers...be safe, have fun and hope you have success
I have a pop up blind im taking with me and my buddies aunt just put up a tree stand for us if we want to use it..i have no clue if its located by beddin feeding or the trails. Im hunting w/ a rifle i cant decide between my new savage 111 7mm mag or my rem 710 30-06...ive hunted w/the 06 before and it shoots dead on so ill probably use that one.. what type of calls do u think i should use just grunts and bleats? some1 told me take a few buckets full of apples and throw them out there in the field im hunting over deer can smell themand love 'em...wouldnt corn work ok too?
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Make sure you dont waste your days by starting with a hangover, make sure ahead of time you know your gun. Make the most of the morning and evening, but remember the deer are out there all day...get your mind in hunt mode all day.
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